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I wrote this poem describing what I was thinking during the only time I was ever in love . . . or THOUGHT I was in love. It's about all the insecurities, whether necessary or completely uncalled for, that can overcome a person when they unsuspectedly find themselves in a love that is not returned


I am powerless in your arms,
unable to think,
unable to move,
not wanting to breath
for fear that you will notice my presence
or suddenly become annoyed by it.

So I watch my footing carefully
when I step near you,
so as not to disturb you
and your quiet thoughts.

When I cry
I make sure I do it quietly,
so I won't wake you
from your well deserved sleep.

When I have a problem
I hold it in and listen,
because I know that you need
someone to listen to yours.

When you need me
I am always by your side,
to care for you
and dress your wounds.

I have offered you all of me
and yet I sit idly by,
waiting for you to give something back,
to do anything that will show
that you love me in return.

Some say
the greatest pain in life is to be ignored.
Now I know
that the greatest pain in life
is to love.
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10 Visitor Comments

This poem was a perfect description of what it was like being married to an alcoholic for 17 years. Nice work.
a really touchy poem something that puts feelings often felt deep within into words.
this poem is my life in words. it's a great poem- good to hear that someone else has been there too- and I'm not going crackers after all.
Angel , again i applaud you for words well spoken. It happens to all of us one time or another . I myself have seen, and been in alot of pain but recovering slowly,I'm proud to say ; I am a survior and always will be. Great work, keep up the good work
You have managed to put into words what has been the fate of so many men and women on this earth; to love, and to have that love taken for granted and cast aside. There was a song in my soul, the tune of which my heart knew too well, but lacked the lyrics. Obviously someone else has been humming along.
I sent this to my boyfriend because this is what I have wanting to say to him for a long time!Thank you!
I cried when I read this alone tonight.It amazes me how love can make us so powerless,and after analyzing the situation with my lover,it makes me wonder if he realizes what he does.Your poem explains exactly what I feel he is doing to me,how can I love someone like this?How long will it take until I realize I deserve much more?
i realy loved this poem. it touched my heart.
Your poem really spoke to me about my current relationship. Thank you.
that was so sad, but true. i started crying through the poem. can you please send me some of your other poems. it would be really nice if you did. thank you!

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