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I wrote this poem when I was very young and my boyfriend left me for another girl. I thought he hung the moon, and I was so hurt when I found out he didn't. Love is so beautiful in the beginning and so ugly in the end.


Your long brown hair
Your dark blue eyes
Your sexy flair
and your pretty lies
Oh, I fell for them all
I'm such a fool
But I learned baby
You ain't so cool
You're just damned cruel.

I'm biding my time
for the day will come
that the same thing happens to you
And you'll see how it feels
To know it wasn't real
And your dreams won't be coming true.

Her pretty blonde hair
Her ocean blue eyes
Her sexy flair
And her pretty lies
You'll fall for them all
You'll be the fool
And you'll learn baby
Love ain't so cool
Love's just damned cruel.
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18 Visitor Comments

i thnk yr pomes r wicked and cool keep up the good work lol
I love this poem, Im going through the same thing. Thank you Debbie you da girl!
It was good. and true
I think this poem is sooo true guys telll so many damn lies and yet they still want to play a game what they cal love. That poem is awsome!
Ahh i love it. Great poem
ooh! nice one.
OHHHH i like that one because it is just the dang truth!-lol-
I really loved this poem! I gave my chill bumps at the end! I hope the guy that hurt me will feel the pain I am still feeling. This touched my heart!
OHHH! This one gave me chills! Girl, u rock!
"Cruel" is the best poem ever! It describes my ex b/f perfectly! I caught him with my best friend then he beat me up and put me in the hospital
This is a really awesome poem, i know exactly how she felt when she wrote that. I've been in that position too!
Hit home. Made me think of what I thought was my first love some "15" years ago. Great writting.
I thought this poem was really good!
this is a very good poem and when i read it, it described the situation that i was in a few days ago and it made me relize that the same thing will happen to that guy, the way he did me.
Very true, very touching.
I like it!
I was really hurting and didn't feel like talking to anyone, but her poem spoke to me. It gave me hope that just maybe my ex will get exactly what he gave! I hope that she wins!

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