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This poem is about those strange feelings that we all can have... The feeling of not being remembered by those whom we love.

Will You Miss Me?

Will you miss me when I'm gone?
Or will you keep living your life
Just like nothing ever occurred?
Why can't I see today how you will feel tomorrow?

Will you miss me?
Will I be just a bad memory of the past,
A freak like you who couldn't take it any longer,
Or will you remember me with joy in the soul?

I'm sure gonna miss you girl.
In this life and all the others that will come,
I sure can't hide my feelings for you,
Even though it hurts like nothing else.

Who cares, anyway, you
Please show me what you feel for me;
Do it before I disappear in this life.

I'm almost gone now;
Soon I'll be gone forever,
And then you might see what I felt.
But then it will be to late,
Since I won't be there anymore.

You were the dream of my life, but that wasn't really true.
It showed up to be something else;
You weren't like all the others.
You were considered a freak,
But this didn't matter to me.
I still loved you like nothing else in this world.

It was so strange that I couldn't forget you.
Perhaps I should try, but it won't work.
I've tried so many times;
But it doesn't matter, I can't forget you at all.
Believe me, I'm not lying to you.
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4 Visitor Comments

I love this poem because it reminds me of the boyfriend i never had,and i wonder if he thinks of me like i think of him. STILL TIL THIS DAY!
I love this poem. how it talks about being gone because me and my bf broke the day before i moved to arizona and that was from montana. and i go back there in a month after being here 3 months and this poem is how i feel and wondering if he misses me since i been gone. Thank you so much. this will help alot of what i want to say to him when i get back home. thanks again sincerely jeri
This poem is jsut the write poem I needed! Thanks for your help!
This poem is so how i feel about my exbf.. i to wonder if he remembers or even misses me. oh well i really like this poem so i give it a 10..

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