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To understand this poem you must really listen and feel my words. To feel you're losing such a precious thing, something sent from above, There's nothing more painful. In this poem I describe how this pain hit me. I try to hold onto it with everything inside me but I feel as if its too much to hold onto . I'm losing her. But its only in my mind - in reality she's with me, but I can't feel her as I want to. Its just that one thought of losing that's all it take's. I don't ever want to have to let her go!

Internal Roamer

Silence fills my mind. I drift off into dreams of you and i.
I feel so content now, nothing acting out.

Just my imagination leading me to where I love to be.
Your presence is with me now.
Spiritually you invade me.
My body, mind and soul keep you locked up inside
to roam about as you please.
You invade my most intimate places.
You fiercely flow through the blood in
my heart like a disease I'm not immune to.

Making your way through every pore in my body,
I try to keep you locked up within me.

My tear ducts begin to burn as I feel you leave me.
You make your way out.
Blood flows like lonely rain from my eyes.

The touch of your fingertips felt on my cheek
in the blood that makes its way down to my mouth.

I taste you, sweeter than any summer rain.
My tongue sponges up the taste of dreams, memories,
love and passion as that we've shared in reality.

I'm so empty now. I've swallowed the last of you.
No more feelings, can't even speak of that word, it has left me.
No meaning at all. You're gone!
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4 Visitor Comments

What a moving poem! I really felt your pain, as my pain. It really moved me. Being able to express your feelings and put them into words was so amazing!
this poem really touched me because in some way i felt that that was me and i have no way of explaining how your poem touched me but it really did.
Babe! That is one of the most strickingly beautiful poems i've ever read. Thank you
This poem is the boom and so is the person who wrote it i would like to internally roam in her sometime .....

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