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The first promises of how love will be can often be misleading, and sometimes you are left with bitter reminders of your first love - forever. Forever faced with countless painful decisions.

At First

At first, remember how you promised?
It would be soft and tender,
A loving feeling to remember.

But, instead . . .

You made me feel like a whore,
My body laid out in front of your eyes to adore.
And I wondered how this could be,
We were finally together, you and me.

I was only a piece of flesh,
No loving thing,
And that was the night this angel was stripped of her wings.

You hurt me, caused pain
And what was I to gain?
This tiny life that is inside,
When I found out I could have died.

Something that once had the chance to be so sweet,
Turned out to be nothing to you but a piece of meat.
The pain I felt,
My heart you made melt.

This pain can never be recovered,
Because I will always have a reminder of my first lover.
Something he will not see for a while.
He does not know that we made a child.

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51 Visitor Comments

I can relate to your poem,this happen to me,and now im raising a baby,when I read your poem I cried and I hope someone else reads this b/c its not fair to do this by your self.
shocking and chillingly gripping. Love to you and the baby Angel
I love this poem. I am in exactly the same situation, but at times I still feel so alone. My husband left me when I got pregnant and he has no idea that I have the most beautiful baby girl ever. How someone can walk away from an innocent child is beyond me. I wish you the best of luck! Regardless of the loser father, your child has you and that will be enough.
Dear Marci, Thanks for sharing, your poem gave me goose-bumps and touched my heart.
Hey, that poem really let me know how I felt when I had my first love. The only thing that was different was that I didnt have a child. I really honestly loved that poem.
marci, hello. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you! NO one deserves to be treated like that. Never again let anyone control you and your life the way that man did. love your child with every amount of love you have. again i am sorry. be safe.
i really liked youre poem keep up the good work
This poem lies very close to my heart. recently I fell in love and was carrying my lovers child. I went out with him one night and we discussed our bright future together. three days later he disappeared, I have not seen him since. It does get easier although I couldnt face keeping our baby. my world still has many cracks even now xxxx
Wow The last line you should of heard me It was liek A huge shock Gasp thing! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu
this poem was so sad it made me cry
I loved this poem because it talks about a woman that has been hurt which I'm sure we all have but in this poem it sounds like we're cathing a climpse of her soul thats so hurt. The soul is very hard to look into but this poem takes us closer to the window of the soul so we can look in and not cause so much pain as the one in this poem. jania
This poem is very good and i know how it feels cause it happen to me but i did not have a baby that was the only thing.
hey who ever wrote that poem needs to be given a metal you rock that poem touched me in so many way that same thing happened to me and we stuck with the baby we love but hate at the same time love hurts all the time ! love hurtz when you lest expect it to love alwayz Jemma
wow that was deep
really good
this was a great poem. and to the author i know exactly how you feel the same thing happened to me. your poem was outstanding and i hope it teaches a lesson to someone someday
i love the poem u wrote i can relate to it alot and almost the same thing happend to me so i loved the poem.
I got chills. It was sooo deep. I'm sorry. :(
Wow! This poem touched me deeply- I am 16 and I too have a daily reminder of the love I thought he had for me, and I for him. The only good that came of us is my 16 month old daughter! I love you Alayna. Be strong, the pain will get better in time! :(
Hey this is an awsome poem and its really true it shows how much one person can hurt u by tellin u lies and makin u think they really love you!
i got tears in my eyes that is so sad
This is a very deep poem and i find this cutting me close to the heart cuz i too went through something similar to what you did! Be Strong and Live life to the fullest sweetheart!
oh gosh! I am only in highschool and i've already ran into this problem twice. Luckily both times were miscarriages. But plenty of my friends have been here too.
wonderful poem. i am raising a girl on my own. he knows she exists. he just chooses to no longer be a part of her life. May God be with you and your child.
Wow, u can't say more to express the pain u felt, but find joy in the child u now have for he has nothing and u have God's gift.. a child who will love u like no one else can.. great poem
This is a wonderful way of putting feelings to work for you. I have been there..please remember that you may now have a child to love and he has a way you have gained by this and he has lost..Love and Prayers
That poem was so filled with emotion i loved it! I really feel for you, good luck in life.
This is a really good job. It touched my heart. I can just say I know what this person is going through.
Just wanted to say thank you for writing this poems n sorry that u have to feel like that because i know exactly how it feels, i dont think ill ever get over him but i dont think i want to
BEEN THERE.DONE THAT. I feel better knowing im not the only one. i had my son when i had just turned 16. my son is now 17 months old and im 17. life has been rough. peace and god bless
that is such a great poem.its so touching and so true.I'm sure lots of people can totally relate to that!
your poem was incredibally beautiful i loved it i bet so many girls out there can relate to this poem keep up the incredible work
I think this poem can relate to so many girls out there
i'm a single father of an 18 month old baby girl and this poem really touched me...what we think is love is often masqueraded and we can't see the truth even tho it's right on fromt of us.
This was a an excellent poem, it really moved me!
This poem really related to me. It touched me in a couple of ways and it is so true!!
This was a really good poem. So many girls have gone through this. Everything you have written is so very true. Unfortunately people have to go through these harsh things in life, but we live and learn that people don't always tell the truth. They lie to get what they want. I think this was an exellent poem.
That is a very strong poem
i really believe that many teenage and beyond women of today's generation can relate to this poem and so i know that you desire my vote i see so many of my classmates and friends that's in the same situation as the young lady in this peom
This is the most beautiful and creative poem I've heard the person who wrote this has a great talent and will go really far if she keeps on writing poems like this one I love it.
I love this poem.I hope you have more
I loved this poems its all true that is the only thing that guys go for lately they dont have no respect and it was about time girls put a stop on guys playing with our feelings.our virginity is our life ones you take it away they take our lifes and its true you will always remember the first time!
it was a beautiful poem and made me think how others take advantage of our feelings and our is not always sweet as thougt to be.
Your poem was completly moving. I was touched by your words and my heart goes out to you and your child. Best wishes to you and your new life. I hope everything works out for you. Stay strong
This was a great poem, and i have to say that the end when you said that you were pregnant almost made me cry! I think you have sompthing going there, but you shouldnt make it so specific, try to fit it to everyone!
I think this poem is excellent is deep and strong. I personally Liked it ALOT!
WOW.. oh my god.. that was incredibly beautiful.. I just don't know what else to say but that.. when I got to the end, I really could feel her pain.. and it was just written so eloquently. absolutely incredible. well done Ms. Parker!
I loved this poem. It was sooo sweet.
I give this poem a big 10. I really loved it. I was so true and emotional. You are a good writer.
Very deep, very moving. While reading it, I see what you saw, feel what you felt. On reflection, this poem reflects my own pain and worries (except for the pregnant bit). :-)

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