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Many times after a deep relationship, the two people promise to remain friends. But in all reality it rarely ends like this . . . One is usually hurt more than the other and still craves the other causing the friendship to be very hard to maintain!

No Longer There

Why is it
that we can never remain friends?
We were so close when we were together.
I thought of you as my best friend
but now that we are no longer a couple
it seems as if we've lost our trust,
our trust in each other and our love.
You say you want to be good friends,
but how can you think that I would hurt you
or tell your secrets
that you told me while we laid in each others arms
I wouldn't and couldn't ever hurt you
I can't be mad at you because it hurts to much
it hurts not to hear your voice
or not to see your face.
I miss you but I try to put you out of my mind
so that my heart won't ache anymore
I wish I didn't care so much.
I wish I didn't miss you
but I do
and I try to deny it
and I try to pretend I don't care
but I do
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33 Visitor Comments

i am so glad that there is people out that feel the same way cuz when ur feeling it u think u r the only person in the world who feels like this
oh my god this poem relate to me so muc i its been a wile since i cried today i cried thats exactly how i feel
this poem sound exactly how i feel about me and the one i am still in love with! She left me for this girl named Courtney and now all i have is memories of her and i and all the crazy things that we did! I still love her with all my heart! i even still use her last name sometimes!
i think that your pome was so good that it my me cry beacuse it was talking about my life with my ex boyfriend we have two kids togeter i thank you so much for that
"I wish I didn't care so much I wish I didn't miss you" oh dear I so understand. sometimes I wish I just don't care anymore because it was my mistake that ended the relationship with my ex and sometimes I wish I can just snap out of it. but you guessed it. I can't
bcos it resemble my love for the guy who i care.
thispoem reminds me of fro i feel about my x adam,we had a very messy break up nd it helps to no tht over ppl out there understand wht im going thoguht. so i dnt feel so alone.
good poem. i read ur other 1 on here and its good as well. they really touch the heart.
. i hate the fact that u put my feelings into a better poem than the one i wrote. ^-^ but it was very touching indeed.
this is a great poem. i would have to say that is real and wow i got teary. just like it happen to me. nice job
beautiful and so true to life
i like this pome because me and my friends got a big fight and it reminds me of them
Wow that poem was amazing it was s simple and to the point but it was also so strong I loved it!
i thought this was a great poem. it really reminded me of my relationship i just got out of. it was like i wrote this right after me and my ex-boyfriend had just broken up. so what i am trying to say is good job. and i hope you get a new guy who treats you better or if you still like this guy you get back together
I loved this poem. It explains exactly what I'm going through with my ex boyfriend. :) Thanks for this lovely poem.
i loved this poem it was the best it reminds me of my ex boy u r a good @ writing this stuff! :-) so thankx 4 your pome i love it!
Great poem, really touched on how im feeling. I just broke up with my girl freind and those were her last words. "lets be freinds"
well. it's pretty amazing how so many ppl in different parts of the world had experienced the same thing as i did. this poem explained fully how i had felt and am feeling now. this is one of the best poems i have ever come across.
Emily, you put it so plain & simple. Your poem was amazing, & I instantly connected with it. I know EXACTLY how you feel!
it's sad. i almost cried. even though i "almost cried" at almost all the poems in here, i still think this poem rocks
this pome is really great and i can relate to it soo much it is pry a pome most teens can realte too
It's the best one here;) bye
i can relte to this poem. i wish i could be friends with my ex.
cool poem!
Simple but so true. The simple facts in this true poem is also the simple truth. I liked it because its exactly what my girl is going through right now.. i know.
I don't have comments, I just know that this was a great poem and I loved it. Keep writing. :o)
This is a lovely poem and I understand how Emily feel. I will give this poem 10\10
This is such a great poem. i sent it to this guy that means the world to me but we just can't be because he is to old for me
This is a great poem. It describes excactly how I feel about somebody. The writer and I even have the same name!
Beautiful, just beautiful
i think this poem is great it explains alot about me and my boyfriend.
I was very inspired by your poem,it bought back painful memories of my ex lover who is no longer there.But for the New Years i'm gonna move on.There is no room there in my heart for him.Because he is no longer there.

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