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I recently went through a dramatic experience. I found what I believed to be my soul mate. We shared so much together in such a short amount of time. I'm still not exactly sure what happened, but things changed between us, quickly.

If only I could tell the entire story here, it would mean the world to me that at least one other person has felt what I have felt and gone through. It's been a rough month, yeah that's all it's been, but to help me get through this I tried writing poetry. I love reading it, but am not much of a writer, so I sat down and let all of my feelings out on paper. This has helped me in finding myself. I tried for a poem but this was all I got. (These are only the first and last pages of notes. )

Whirlwind Of Emotions

I feel like I've lost my mind
You've opened up my heart, and now, now
you try to conceal it all inside
I feel so confused
To be able to catch one piece of debris in this
whirlwind of emotions would answer so much to me
You've taught me a lot about myself, life, love
showing me yourself undisguised
You've made me so vulnerable
It felt so right, nothing should've gone wrong
I know you say it wasn't me
but it's hard to trust anything right now (you at all)
If only I could figure this game out
Congratulations . . . you've tamed a tiger.

I went back and read my notes
No one can understand
I really have to help myself
maintain control
our hearts that feeling of unity
those deep stares
sensitive to the touch
those precious words
I'll never forget you

you are the most
genuine thing
I've had in my life

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12 Visitor Comments

Beautiful poem. I wish you could send me the rest of the story or poem because it resembles what is happening to me.
i cant express how this poem has made me feel. u are not alone
Oh my god you snapped, this poem really describes all the feelings that i hold within. and the title was excelent way to go .
I loved your poem i too have thought that i found my soulmate we had bated for 7 months and i really fall in love with him. But than he ended it on may 1st and i am still getting over him. We are trying to start a friendship but it is not going good and i am afraid that i might have end that too. well your poem really touched me and i hope that you keep on writing. You have such a great talent don't ever let it go to waste. Once again great poem.
Very Nice Job. I can't tell you how much this reminds me of my life. We share the same pain. Very well said!
Way to go!
Your writing has truly touched me, you said everything I was feeling , I just recently stopped seeing the person I thought was my soulmate, he just grew distant and we lost something along the paths of our relationship. Keep writing I thought it was truly powerful and from the heart.
No you are not the only one, I also thought I had found my soul mate only to lose him. I still do believe in soulmates, hopefully there is more than one. I must also add that it was beautifully writen and it's good to know I am not the only one.
Ivy7 I really like the poem that you wrote and that i read and it is really the poem I was looking for and it is a very nice poem
Powerful..and No you are not the only one!
Dear Ivy7, I just got done reading your poem story, I write poerty myself and just about a month ago I really thought I met my true solemate for life but out know where he told me he needed time away and I said "OK", then he stoped calling, so one night I went out with out him, knowing he would there. Then I just found out his time away was with his ex. I cant sleep or even eat. I'm trying to go out and have fun, but I can't seem to get him out of my mind. I just wanted to say I think your poem helped alot. I don't know you, but words hold alot from someone eles in the same deal. Thank you!!
i love the belief this person has in soulmates... they are out there just waiting to be discovered

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