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I wrote this poem while I was trying to figure out what love is even supposed to be about. The poem goes on to explore the beginning through the end of a relationship, whether it be good or bad. But mine just turned out to be a broken heart, which in the end tore me apart.

Love's Pleasure And Pain

I'm trying to figure out
what love is supposed to be about
In the beginning you're always so nice
But in the end, you're as cold as Ice

In the end, when you look in their eye's
That's when you realize all their lies
In the beginning you would never think
That they could be so mean in a simple blink

I told you once
I told you twice
that when you love you pay the price
You feel so empty
Cold and blue
So stressed out
And so confused

The one who made you so happy and glad
Is the same one who is making you sad and mad
When one tries to talk about wanting them to stay
The other just turns and walks away

When you smile
For a little while
you realize it's fake
You're just trying to hide your heartache
After you realize that love was a mistake

Once you realize they're gone
you automatically ask yourself what you did wrong
Your heart starts going insane
From all their pain
You ask yourself how you're gonna stay sane

Your heart keeps tearing
Because, you're the only one caring
You try not to care
So you try to glare
You try to get away,
and you try to convince yourself that you'll be okay.
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36 Visitor Comments

this poem is so true it is very good
I can relate to the poem and I can say that is so true. You'd think you know it by now.
this poem is awsome as it really touched my heart .
This poem was the exact way that I was feeling and I needed to know that someone else was feeling the same thing that I have went through. I wish that it wouldnt have happened to me but it did and im glad to see that Im not alone in this at all.
I loved ur poem very much and it's all so true
This poem touched my heart in so many places. The person that wrote this poem, was like saying what I was feeling. It was awesome. This poet is very talented.
u were truly touching, love is just so cruel at times tht we forget its pleasure
I loved this poem. It reminded me so much of this guy I went out with. My heart is still broken and I feel as if I will never get over it.
This was excellent, true/honest, and I could relate it to the pain of being dumped after being loved. You are not alone my friend.
iccoldhart, wow that is the only word i can say, can't put my emotions into words. your poem was a great one. That is exactly how i feel. wow! Just don't give up on love like i have.
I love this poem! It says exactly how I feel at this moment.
I really like this poem because decribes exactlly what I am going throught right now. I found out my feona was cheatinmg on me and now I am really mad sad and confused to what I am sapossed to do next.
i really liked this poem it halped me express my situation in words i couldnt i ts gret i loved it!GREAT
This poem is really nice. I love it. It is so true. It is exact to a "T" of how I feel and what is happening to me. Or has already happened
This is a really good poem. And everything you said in it, is true.
I really enjoyed this poem, it is so real with what is going on in my life. I never thought I would ever find something that truly matched the way I feel. Thank you so much for your words.
loved it
I loved it.
great poem
i love this poem is so nice and sad at he same time.
this poem meant a lot for me, the words that came into my mind now are few. it is just GREAT!
I really enjoyed readind this poem. I have to give this person their props!
I just love this poerm cuz it expresses all the things that I feel deep inside and that's true love's Pleasure and pain.
I needed to describe how much hate and tears love can bring, and I didn't have to look far. Thanx!
wow this poem is how i feel with my lost love. sooo deep i love it. at least im not the only one who feels like this out there
this poem reminds me of my dad. He always told me tht he loved me and now hes out of my life
i think this poem is great me and my boyfriend r having problem and this poem tells people how it really is.
This was a very touching and meaningfull poem to me. Keep writing.
i am voting for this poem because i feel that everything it say is the truth "when you love you pay the price" i know how that can feel
i like this poem alot it is so real you know it's just how i feel.
Nice Poem...describes what often happens in a real relationship..
I thought it was one the best poems I ever read.
I really love this poem becuase it says all that is true and I have experienced evry single thing.
this poem describes me in every way I wish I had time to tell you ho w much this poem means to me but I must go now

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