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This is a poem written about a guy I liked and how I felt when I saw him with another girl.


I caught a glimpse of you the other day,
I couldn't help but stare.
You and her, together
Holding each other, kissing each other, caring for each other.
You stood there with her in your arms
And my heart in your hands.

I never meant to love you.
I never intended to let you take my heart.
And look at what I've done to myself,
I let myself fall and I feel like I'll never stop.

Standing there I felt like a fool,
But to walk away would've meant
The termination of myself.
I watched as your silhouette was cast across me.
And in an instant my knees buckled
And I fell to pieces.

I lay in a heap, unnoticed.
And as I lay there motionless, dying inside and out
Someone passing by kicks me to the side.
There I stayed alone and abandoned.
At a time like this I could really use my heart,
But you still stand with my heart in your hands.

I never meant to love you.
I never intended to let you keep my heart
And look what I've done to myself.
But, then again I don't know how I expected
To be able to keep going without you alongside me after all.
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17 Visitor Comments

I'm going through this situation right now, and you hit the spot and drew some tears. I wrote a poem similar to this, but yours has that sensivity that makes it touching. too bad my heart was broken I'm rebuilding it right now
Yo Sara, Diz poem touched me in so many ways I really can't explain it. But the most important reason was that my ex did the same thing to me with my best friend and I cryd my self to sleep for days. Thanks for bringin that memory, it eased a lot of my pain.
I really enjoyed reading your poem i write poems myself but this was like very sad and i want to ask is it true? b/c usually when people write poems they just made it up i wish i can do the same as u did but i never went out with a guy and i am 15 so i don't know how it feels to give away your heart to someone
Edellen Jean
I really love this poem. It is a lesson for us girls! That we must chose wisely about giving our precious heart to someone. We know how much pain we will feel if we hurt again!
Hey i really liked your poem best, i recently found out the guy i really like and liked me back, got back with his old girlfriend. we had something going and he was getting to like me more and more.
sara, your poem expressed how i feel about a Certain person. it really touched me. i know it's wrong of me to say "i know how you feel" because i don't but i do know how i feel and it's similar to what you wrote. just try not to give up. Keep this person close to you, because it seems like you need that person.
this poem touched me so badly cause its happening to me so thanx.
the poem is really nice & sad . i really feel the girls pain
hei there. i SO lurved ur poem! i totally FELT it. such a sucky feeling. :( but hei- - ure a poet!
This poem brought a tear to my eye, it sums up completely the situation i am in at the moment, and its getting hard to take, knowing people will understand how i feel has been a great help. well done on a fab poem :)
I know exactly how she feels. I don't know why boys do that to us. They takeour heart and run with it leaving us lost and confused with nowhere to flow like a wreckless river. I wish I knew how to get my heart back because I really do need it in my life.
this poem is soo good! i felt like i wrote it myself. i'm in a situation like that now and it hurts like hell i know i can relate totally. u took the words right out of my mouth.
amazing poem, captures the feeling of reject incredibly
very very sad. the worst thing in the world is to still love some one, & know they've moved on & see them with someone. where I'm at right now.
i like this poem alot. it is very meaningful.
I can relate. I am 18 and I understand COMPLEATLEY the concept of this poem.Great job!
this is such a good poem.i can TOTALLY relate!

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