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As parents we raise our kid to bring joy in our life. How tragic that at the blow of a sword so many lives are affected.

Dedicated to those who have lost loved ones to war.

Little Boy Lost

My little boy loved to play.
With hot wheels as a lad.
When he drove off, in his first real car.
My heart it was so sad.
His first real date, was to the prom.
My heart it filled with pride.
I couldn't help express emotion.
As he stood there by her side.
At his wedding, I did cry.
And let him know my feelings.
My little boys heart I held so long,
This lovely girl had stolen.
My first grandson was born today,
Without the presence of his dad.
For he was called away to war,
When he gets home, we will all be glad.
I heard the knock at the door,
Peeked out the window to see.
Before they spoke, I knew what they were here for.
My heart, my soul, just left me.
My thoughts go back into time,
When he was just a lad.
A dirty face with car in hand,
I wish I once again had.
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18 Visitor Comments

Crying That was a great poem also really sad had me in tears and its sad to lose someone even if u dont know that person especially a close person really really sad. ~Michelle~
My son died in war. I can truly relate to this poem.
Tjis poem ment something to me. because My Fiance is in the Infantry. and is currently Stationed at Fort Stewart,and will be deployed to Iraq in November. Its putting to reality for the Fact that our Wedding day is coming soon. and we are hoping to have the birth of our first child soon as well. I love him very much and I couldnt living a life knowing he wont be home.
It was touching to hear your poem. It caused me to see the love of a mother. Sounds sad.
i hand a cold shiver run through my body at the end of the poem , you are very talented
This poem made me want to cry, it was very sad but very well written and i had the full affected, thank you for allowing me to read it. GOOD JOB!
I am against the war in iraq and this is a poem that shows the pain that a friend of mine felt. I wish it would end so no mother would have to feel that again.
there are no words to describe the feeling that i got reading this poem. Its something i can relate to becuz i want to go into the army but my worst fear is not coming home
This poem shows the realty of War. Death.
this is a really good poem it really made me think
I have 4 cousins in Iraq right now, that really touched me.
I think it is a great poem. I loved the feeling. And deep sorrow came into my soul. I loved it. It made me think a lot about my life.
this is an excellent poem its been worded quite well:) excellent job it deserves more recognition
This poem really touched my heart. I have many family members fighting in wars this very instant. Why do they go through all they do? Thats what I always wonder.
The only thing I can say about your poem is I feel your pain. My own cousin is gone because of.
this poem really touched my heart as i lost a brother in vietnam i can understand this
I wish evryone could read this. Maybe they would think differently about war then. People killing eachother because they were orderd to. Stupid but yet it happens evry day.
it is like the best and the saddest poem i have ever read.

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