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How far will we go to attain society's version of perfection? Is it worth the price?


A weight falls heavily upon me -
A steady pull inside my brain.
In one room I seek love and understanding -
In another I purge the guilt and pain.
My guilt never leaves.
The pain only deepens.
My life is a wild rotation from one room to the other,
Locked in a ceaseless circle of torment -
A game of chess I cannot win.
I stand up, throat on fire, head spinning, heart pounding;
Begging for an end, any end, to this hell.
I gaze into the mirror, wiping my mouth,
Wondering who I have become;
A drawn and pale face, dull, expressionless eyes.
I run my hands through my hair
Hoping it will quiet the screams in my head -
But it doesn't, and tomorrow the game will start again.
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31 Visitor Comments

i really like this poem. it touched me on a personal note because for almost 3 years, it was my life. i could picture everything, my bathroom, the mirror that i too looked into, but i never saw any difference. and my bathroom still does that to me, but i think that if it didnt, id still be there. id still be the person who i was. thanx for writing this.
this poem is great n i currently suffer from anerexia so i no wat its like to feel all those emotions n i just think its great that some1 can rite it all down n put it out there so people can hear it n no there not alone in it.
awesome poem. i understand how you feel. i`ve been struggling with an eating disorder since 7th grade im now in 10th. it helps to know im not alone. keep up the good work. :)
This is a poem that touched me, when I was a teenager I had a friend who struggled with a eating disorder and it just killed me to see her in souch pain.
i had an eating disorder and i have to say that this is a very powerful poem. i wish more people would write on the subject. Thank you for what you have done.
wow this was really an amazing poem. even though i don't have an eating disorder, i could really feel your pain as i saw it through your eyes.
I rate this poem very highly My friend was subject to an eating disorder and she tells me how she feels and this poem helped me to understand a little more of what she was going through
The misery of an eating disorder is captured here in this poem, a day to day struggle with food "the enemy"
I was very touched by your poem. this has been my life for 23 years. it never ends.
this is a piece of art. a good use of words. she did a very good job at opening the thoughts of this torment poetically.
Great writing! My daughter has done this since she was 14 years old. She is now 38. I have become resigned to the fact it may never stop. Nothing anyone says or does makes any difference. Thank you for writing about the viscious circle that starts again tomorrow!
This poem describes exactly how the real thing is. I don't think it could be put into better words. Living with a disorder is a very stressful thing that is hard to recover from.
i just wanted to let you know that you are so not alone in all of this.
Wow. I have a friend who this poem really fits. I always think of her when I read this. Thank you alot.
i felt your poem i once had a eating disorder but i got help and now i am happy
This poem, ah, it left me speechless. You captured the thoughts in my own head so perfectly, bringing tears to eyes that don't usually cry. Thankyou.
i absoluly love this poem my best freind has a nd eating disorder but is getting help since it was not so far into it she is going to be fine and is almost back to a healthy weight thank you for caring
i cried after i read this. every line of this poem is so real and so true and after reading the other comments. why do we do this to ourselves??
As one who has battle with bulemia and anorexia for years I understand the pain. I pray everyday that soon my battle will end and the chains will be broken.
This poem is so AMAZING, I dont suffer for this but it has touched my deeply and applied to other areas of my life. thanks!
this poem describes how it feels, it's real
thanks a lot. I'm right in the middle of the long path of recovery, and it's nice to hear that I'm not alone. I always feel so alone. Thank you all for letting me know I'm not the only star in the sky.
This is the best poem i have read in along time, it made me think. I am recovering slowly from bulemia, so i can relate to this poem in everyway, it's nice to know there are people out there that do understand. thankyou so much for writting this poem. keep up the good work
Very rarely words come through the barriers that we build up and even more rarely it touches us deep inside..this poem did. Thank you.
Great poem... I know the feeling all to well...
This Poem Just Took My Breath Way. For It says The Same Thing That I have Been Feeling For So Long And Could Never Put Into Words.
I totaly relate with this poem. a recovering anerexic myself it is so true it brout me to tears.
This poem is really beautiful. The words in it remind me of how i used to feel.
This poem brought me to tears because the author couldn't have described better. The thoughts and feelings were exactly right it is the most beautiful poem I have ever read.
This relates to the pain I feel.

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