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I am involved in a poetry war with a friend. We challenge each other with phrases....we give each other a phrase and have to write a poem using that phrase.

He gave me 'Serenade of the Sirens' and this is what I wrote.

Serenade of the Sirens

He came to the city with hopes and dreams
Of a future filled with possibility
He always had a clear cut plan
Based on his brains and ability.

He worked long days to reach his goal
No minute spent for personal time
He saved for Armani for Rolex and Rolls
Getting dollars from every dime.

He awoke each day focused it’s true
And moved through his world with ease
Until the day he fell apart
And succumbed to a worldly disease.

To stay awake he found a friend,
She was white, a powdery snow.
She cost him some money, some precious time
In the street they called her ‘the blow’.

He tried to resist her powerful pull
But was hooked on the feeling, you see.
He lost his money, lost his job
Lost his will to be free.

So which is the siren call you hear,
Money, power or greed?
Which is the lust that burns your heart?
Which hunger do you feed?
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2 Visitor Comments

Darned if I never read this, good then, better even now. What a pleasure it is to read your work and to know you as well.
Your poem touched my heart because I am a recovering adict and a poet myself. I would love to read some more of your work

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