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This poem was written to make others understand on the most basic level what it feels like to be a Black woman.


Ever walked into your house after it’s been robbed,
So bare and lifeless with precious possessions gone?

Do you know how it feels to have something robbed?
It feels painful, heartbreaking, empty, wrong.

I’ve been robbed for many years,
Of my dignity and femininity while I cried silent tears;

Told of my less than human existence in every hour of every day,
Made to feel insignificant in every possible way;

Omitted from the history of the territory I built with my blood,
Kicked and beaten, face trampled in the mud;

I’ve been robbed of my existence, robbed of my faith
To the point of no recollection of either time or space;

Ever walked into your soul after it’s been robbed,
So bare and lifeless with precious memories gone?

Do you know how it feels to have your soul robbed?
It feels. . .

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10 Visitor Comments

I can relate to this and I am a Man. I know it is a sad world we live in sometimes. I hope you are blessed incredibly and will continue to write, hopefully finding inspiration to do so with an uplifted spirit. God Bless, Michael
This poem is really good, I am not black but i am mexican and sometimes i get judged also. I really think racism is really wrong we r all equal in gods eyes and no one shuld just cuz our race. Ur poem is really inspirational. Good job.
This poem felt like it came from the heart, and poems like that are the ones that truly touch a person's heart. I really liked the poem and wish her best of luck.
I think that this poem is really good and it really touched me
Latiefa, this poem is so heartfelt and adoring, you show you emotions and your experiences with racism through your words and that is what i think helps people to understand the consequences of hurting ones feelings and what can happen to that person after youve done or said what youve said. I would really like to use this poem as an example of racism for an assignment im doing this year, in my school many people are racist, not only to the black but other cultures,religions and colours. it doesnt matter what colour yous skin happens to be, you cant help what you were born. Maybe your poem will help others in my school to understand and hopfully change the way they look at different people, in the end we are all humans. I really value your courage to speak out and wright such and inspiring poem. You inspire me.
you said in your poem you were robbed of your faith. no one can ever take your faith!
Your poem really inspired me.
i am a white male and this poem makes me cry because i used to be raceisit but im not now soley because of this poem thank you for changing my life
This poem is in truth what a black woman goes through. We face a whole lot of pre-judged racisim every morning we wake up. So it is time we let the world know that we are not what we have been judged to be. We are human just like the rest.

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