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I'm getting sick of all the violence and death we see today... Schools are getting threatened, and after the Colorado shooting I got very defensive. This is how I feel.

P.S. My sympathy and apologies to the victims and families

The Saddest Thing

Looking up
Seeing hate
Who's slowly becoming life's mate
People talking about the lost lives
About the disturbed hearts and sickened minds
So many innocent lives buried
So many hopes and dreams shattered
So many sleepless nights from now until forever

By the casket tears fall
Losing friend after friend
Time after time
It's getting old
We lost the faith and hope of the world
We lost love and replaced it with violence and harsh words

Wishing danger wasn't in the day
Wishing people would simply walk away
News keep on coming out
Another got shot
Another committed suicide
We'll never see what's going on
Until the days end and everyone is gone
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11 Visitor Comments

very true in deed
Great poem. I fullyn agree with you. We need to start focusing on the good things in life and leave the bad behind us. Great message to the world, your style is a olt like mine. keep seeing the world as you do.
I loved this poem it really got to me! Keep thinking of more i would love to see them on this site!
this was really touching, i read this to my friend and she cried
Life, it's something else, isn't? PHENOMENON!
i think that this poem really tells of theings that really happen in real life and that this poem is really touching. :)
I really love the poem and it sends out a good message.
youre poem was very true. Many people seem like they care about what happens in our society, if they did things would have changed by now. "One person can make a difference".
this is very true i feel the same way
very nice

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