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Drunk-driving is bad. A description that gets right to the point. If spirits could talk, if spirits could attend their own funerals, if they could do it all again. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. And this little blurb has definitely got that 20/20 vision mixed in.


I drift unnoticed
Amongst friends and lovers
Gazing deeply into
The teary eyes of mourners.
Memories mix with reality
As twisted metal played in a movie,
With shattering glass
As the soundtrack.
A ray of sun breaks the heavy air,
Stirring me from my reverie,
And makes the dull wood finish
Shine like polished ivory.
I watch the speaker's mouth move,
Slow motion lips produce no sound.
My hand goes to my head
As headlights came quickly closer,
And he shouted his last,
And I heard my last.
I fade back into reality
Approaching the glass-fronted casket.
I tarry to sniff complacently
At the bright red rose laying there,
As I remember the one I received that night.
We danced our lives away,
Moving to a music unique to our world.
I peer into my face.
So alive, so alive.
Yet so quiet.
I peer into my soul.
And watch as we drank too much,
And smoked too much,
While we listened to music
And danced our lives away;
On down that one-way road
That only led to bright lights.
Bright headlights
That were quickly extinguished,
As were ours.
I peer into my heart
As my spirit fades,
Dropping the rose to the ground.
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6 Visitor Comments

This poem really makes you think (which is hard to do for brainless people like me). The word usage makes it worthwhile to hear, everyone should read this poem. Quite simply, it kicks. Well done.
i really really loved this poem. In my family there are some heavy drinkers and im trying to help them get over thier addiction. This poem really means alot and they will definatly have to read it. thank you
This was a awesome poem. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm sorry for the pain you most feel.
Philip, I found this so poignantly written. Should be required reading . for everyone~ Thank you for sharing this view~
this poem is very powerful in the message it expresses. i loved it and i hope this person writes more so i can read more of his work it is truly wonderful
Loved this one, really makes you think.

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