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This poem is inspired by and dedicated to the families of all the young people who have died experimenting with ecstasy.


Young life, future molding,
Young mind, dreams holding,
Curiosity kills the cat,
Eighteen, invincible, won’t consider that.

College study, pressure begun,
Night-clubs, pub fun,
Take pill, drink more,
Know the facts, know the score.

Mind expands, energy rises,
Death comes in all sizes,
Thoughts confused, brain explodes,
Cells die, tissue corrodes.

Lying still, hospital bed,
Nothing happening in the head,
Machine breathes, soul leaves,
Nothing to do, mother grieves.

Decisions made, switches off,
Chest falls, last cough,
Wasted life, lost destiny,
All in search of ecstasy.
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10 Visitor Comments

The first thing I say after reading this poem is "wow!" A similar situation has happened to me.
Expressed exactly how it happens.
hey, you're poem really hit me with its deepness and meaning. i'm impressed, you're really talented.
I loved this poem, it makes you think twice before actually duing something that latter you'll regret. It is excellent, I loved it!
Good writting
This poem made me cry because I've dealt with this and it's the truth.
This poem spoke to me.because I feel that this is my life.
Great poem. I loved the rhyming. Meaningful I loved it.
i can relate to this poem so much. william is definantlly hit the pain and emotions right on the nose. i believe this auther and his work deserve a's beautiful!!!!
This is great...send cold shivers in my body like i couln't believe!!!!

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