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One day I was sitting at the train station and a girl about my ago sat down next to me. I carelessly looked over to her and noticed that her arms were scarred like I had never seen arms scarred before. Slashed and cut all the way up and down, scarred so deep. I had never seen this girl before in my life and yet I felt a strange sadness for her. I wanted to grab her and tell her that she was worth more than that. But who knows if she would have believed me.

Girl At The Train Station

you sit down next to me and I look down to your arms
they're scarred - so deep
10 times over
I imagine you alone in your room
crying and screaming
slashing at your wrists
your eyes look empty and like they haven't seen anything beautiful for a
long time
look in the mirror
cover your scars, and look in the mirror
you're not so bad
this world is not so bad . . .
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5 Visitor Comments

this poem touched me very close to the heart because it reminded me about a girl that i found not far from dead in her own home and it really made me cry who ever wrote this poem you really do have some good technic writing skills.
i really like this poem. im 15 and have been writing for a while now. i allways love to read poems that i can relate to.
I liked this poem because it shows an understanding that people in such a situation will always need.
they say a picture is worth a thousand words, just the opposite with with these words. Left short and to the point.
it was very sad but with a very good ponit

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