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This poem is about my sister's life long addiction to drugs. She tried and she tried but she just couldn't get off of them. By the time she did it was too late. I know she wanted more out of life for herself and her children

The Struggle

Have you ever traveled down a road to find there was no end
For every corner that you turned there was another bend
The faster that you walked, the longer that it seemed
And you were all alone, in this crazy dream

Crazy dreams that you dream alone
When the lights go out and no one's home
You see the day for what it's been
And you wish to God you could stay clean

The morning brings you to the road you didn't want to travel
and every step you take again makes your life unravel
You keep on walking down the path, wondering what you'll find,
and pray that when you find it you wont have lost your mind

It's halfway through another day and you're looking for those dreams
knowing they can make your life better than it seems
If only to forget your pain for a little while
you can travel down the road just another mile

The night is now upon you, the miles are on your face,
But you keep going forward to your final place.
You know the end is coming soon, you see it straight ahead
And if they don't forget you, you never will be dead
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11 Visitor Comments

this poem is excellent! i wish my sister could read it. she is a recovered drug addict and once in time she was just like that. i'm sorry you had to go through it cuz i no how you feel.
it touched me
This poem touch the heart of my pain for a friend, lover and spouse loss to the world of addiction.
This poem is very moving and it really be helpful to alot of people
thats was a good poem
this poem really touched me because i have had a many struggles this past year and this poem is very inspiring!
I loved this poem printed it took it to drug class,everyone liked it.
This was a really great poem! I just loved it. I'm sorry about your sister I couldn't bare losing mine shes my best friend! I know how worried you must have been . Keep writing poetry your really good and remember it truly comes from the heart!
I can really relate to that because i am going through getting off of crank. Your poem brought tears to me.
A very moving poem!
i love your poem.i can really relate because i was addicted to heroin for 4 years. Luckily,it didn't take my life. i want to continue the road to recovery.

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