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I wrote this poem about my life. Most would think being alone is wrong. But to me it would of been a miracle from God. I was hurt by my step-father like no girl should. He made me realize that life is valuable. He took away from me 10 years of my childhood.

I am now 16 years old and I still have those days I want to run away. I finally told someone two years ago, and I was set free from his wickedness to me. I want everyone to know out there. If you believe it wouldn't happen, think again. It happens everyday to innocent people. When you read this it is my struggle that I deal with, I don't want you to feel sad. I just want you to know it does happen everyday all over the world.

To Cry Alone....

To cry alone....
In my heart there is this despair.
That no matter where I turn you'll
always be there.

When I cry alone at night, your face
always says goodnight.
I scream in vain and shiver in fear.
Why can't you leave me to cry alone?

I no longer love you or care.
Why do you jog my memory, when you
know I hate you beyond despair?
The clouds now gray are fogging me in.
I no longer see the light.
I pull my knees up to my chest.
And pray with all my might.
That one day I will no longer be scared
of you in the night.

A tear drop trickles down my cheek.
I shudder with a heart of vain.
I know not why you did this to me.
But even though, you seem to cry through me.

When I cry alone at night,
I see your face smiling.
And yet to cry alone at night
my memory always seems to jog me.
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8 Visitor Comments

Wow. i have been there too guys. you dont realise the people who have been in ur shoes too. there are so many. respect to you all. love you all xxxx Hope this poem is amazing the feelings match those that i have never been able to describe. wow
Wow, this is great, wonderfuly describes how I have felt, and lot's of others too. I'm sure. Thank you for having the courage to share. I'm 29 yrs old and i stll have fear in the night, in my sleep. Maybe one day it will go away. I pray it will.
i really like this poem because i can feel your feeling from it.
This was a great poem I've been there too.
Thank you for writing this poem. It is very good as I suffered abuse from my Father and it takes a lot of courage to make it through life.
that is a very good poem and i understand were you are coming from
I really like this poem, i written more then 50 of them, some of my life and some of love. I got goose bumps from this one, it made me feel of my ex and what she goes through with her dad. And what she thinks of him.
Very moving. Understand totally.

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