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This is about the emptiness in today's pursuit for beauty. It's about any girl who sees the latest Cover Girl eye shadow, and feels that her eyes can't be beautiful without it. It's lonely when you are forlorn, with only your face to compensate for the emptiness you feel.

Maybelline Eyes

Maybelline eyes, and Cover Girl lips;
Sweet insecticide heart, and wounded finger tips.
Oh, Bon-bon Surprise, won't you have a drink?
Your nails are painted blue with a cheap promise ring.
You call it like you see it, I'm sure you don't see much.
You're just a sad Pretty girl who doesn't get touched.
They take you all over; they can't see your heart,
And you hide it so well when your world falls apart.

Max Factor skin, oh, won't you come in?
It's getting cold out there.
Dear, do you cry, and, Dear, do you die?
Your blood is everywhere.

Posies can cut just as deep as a knife.
Searching, and loosing can ruin your life.
So Maybelline spies, and Cover Girl mutts -
Paint your toenails, and bathe in pink suds.
Girls, hide your cuts.
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8 Visitor Comments

A simple yet deep. look inside what some may say "makes a person beautiful. It's the heart that matters most, and the author has a great heart. Her pretty is all around her. Kudos to you dear one. Your poetry says it all. Pretty is as pretty does!
i love this poem it is so true! explaines alot!
I just thought that your poem was very true and honest it had nothing to hide. It uncoverS the real person behind the popular girl they are really insucure and some are sad. I love your poem even though my answer makes no sense!
Hey I really liked this poem :)
This poem helps- makes ya feel ur not alone wen how u look gets u down. its all tru. that is todays society- and its heartbreaking
I liked this poem a lot and identify with it. What you wrote is true of today's society.. Good job Kadka!
I felt like this poem is one only I would understand. It was cool. Are we kindred spirits?(Ha Ha)
I thought this poem really stated the reality of the pressure put on woman to look good and how we simply need to be ourselves. I loved it.

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