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All this fighting scares me, and I guess writing this poem was my own way of dealing with my feelings. I am dedicating this poem to those who have served and died for our country.

Where Will It All End?

Countries fighting,
Fires igniting.
Children crying,
People dying.

Planes going down,
Bombings of whole towns.
Hostages taken,
What kind of world are we makin'?

Everybody wanting to be on top,
Just where will it all stop?
Many of these people wishing they were dead,
And World War III is rearing it's ugly head.
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8 Visitor Comments

That was very deep but at the same time simple and unique!
i was browsing through poems to find for my mom back home and ran across this one. I am a soldier in the U. S. Army. I fight for this country out here in Iraq. Watched some of my friends get killed right in front of me. Yeah sometimes I wish this war would end but then again I sit back and watch my little boy play and laugh and it reminds me of how much I want him to only have the best. So i do know how it feels but then again you have to remind yourself of why all of this is happening, (for people in the states to remain free. )
10 and good
I thought your poem was really good, I mean, the words rhymed and made sense. But have you ever wondered why all of these is hapening? I am really trying to find out about my own religion, I believe that there are so many wars because people never bother to ask god for help or advice, we want it our way only and that's not right.
this is a good poem ppl should read the poem and change the way that they think
I really enjoyed this poem. Reality is that our world is full of pain and in one way or another people are expressing their feelings. Through poetry is one of the way we can do so. Very well.
i love this poem and i agree that wars should stop its only killing people and destroying the world we should fight for the future generations and make this world a safe place to live in

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