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Love and acceptance are among the most vital necessities in life. It is well known that if a child does not receive love upon birth, he may die from lack of love alone, with no other physical ailments.

I wrote this shortly after the Jon Benet Ramsey murder. My eyes saw a six year old child whose parents had molded her to fit into the shoes of a grown woman. I had so many questions, many I'm sure I will never be able to answer. She was forced to grow up too soon, only to have her life cut short, possibly before she had ever known and understood the concept of love. Let us not deny the children in our society of their birthright. Love each other, dance together, and grieve like it's the first time you've experienced life. That is the message I hope to send.

Three Feet Tall, She Stands Alone

Did they love you?
Did they hold you?
Or were you never good enough...
Why did they make you grow up?
Grow up too soon.

I could see you were still a child
You were for spite, oh strange disdaining
You died for love, yet knew not of the emotion

Were you scared in the closet?
Was it dark? Was it cold?
Was he there?

Breathe child, it's over
Take your heels off and stand three feet tall.
Are they happy now?

The childhood you never had is now gone, taken so soon
Will you ever grow up at all?
Yes breathe child, he's gone

The world saw you on television, like a lonely wife, mother of two
How old are you?
We love you
Will you ever grow up at all?
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3 Visitor Comments

Wow, that is a great writing--so true, tho it's so sad. I often thought of that girl with all her make-up, looking so grownup. Keep writing.
this is a beautiful poem and it is so true.
I too have thought of little Miss Ramsey many, many times. My heart aches and my eyes swell with tears when i think of what her short life must have been like. You are with God know Jon Benet- Fear no more. Thank You Amber for putting into words what I have many times thought about. God bless.

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