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I was having a heated conversation with a friend of a different culture and race. Some things were said that shouldn't have been. I wanted to pour my thoughts out to him in words, but none came. Silently, the next night, I surrendered to my thoughts and came up with this. I hope he reads this someday.

My Different Friend

The differences ring out far and near
Yet we only hear the echoes of where our friendship
starts and ends
Boundaries set by color and race
hide my tears
I pray.

Ashamed of my own people
I search for something odd
something different
a chance to end the rage
how much will it take
to stop the hate?

We walk in disbelief of what we really are
scared by our denial of what we've done
disgraced by the color of our face
we play make believe.

Lost souls, lost lives
taken in a great storm
cast down by war and hunger
we think we are supreme
we are nothing.

Walking with the knowing
that a great day will arise
when we fall down on our knees
and whisper, "Why"?
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7 Visitor Comments

Cool. A true and very well written poem that hits the hammer right on the nail. Vey well written. Good job!
I find this poem to be a mirror reflecting my feelings about society. I pray each person may read this and see its truth. Your divulgence is beautiful and reassuring to my seemingly desolate views. Thank you
I really loved your poem, it is really true. If I had a contest, I would defenitely pick you as the winner. It's kind of scary because I can easily relate to your poem. GOOD JOB, T!
this is a lovely poem congratulations
Very gifted author. I hope he can do big things with his writing abilities. See I believe this is my brother & I know what he means by having friends of different races. It's cool! Way to go T! Keep'em coming, we need to ask WHY more often. I believe it's important as it keeps us alive & active.
Thank You.
We need to ask ourselves, "Why?" Reading the poem stirred my emotions to want to ask why.

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