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As I was sitting in my apartment alone, on the evening of May 11th, I found myself thinking about the situation going on with Kosovo and the Chinese. And, as with the best poetry, I found myself inspired to comment on the state of the world.

Sirens In The Night

Here we sit at 2 a. m.
wondering once again if we will
be here tomorrow, wondering
how we can hate each other
so much

We watch our satellite TV and
just when we think we've got the
world in our hands, our lives
and existence are in
danger once more

Here we sit in out ignorance, our
world is the only one we know and
we don't even try to understand those
that live on our planet yet
outside our world

We take no time to stop, to
see that the things we value
are the very things keeping
us all apart with our accusing
hypocritical fingers

We sit here trying to help
where no help is wanted, taking
the most precious things
that we were trying
to preserve

The flocks don't know
the herd doesn't know
but the ones who do, fight
like jealous 5 year
olds in the sandbox

We sit here hoping
some praying, some wishing,
some longing+loving+hating
but it might just be
too late now to save anyone
so you'd better save yourself

sirens in the night
facades in the day
play the game, keep everything
running just as it should
instead of living like this
could be the last day
of your life . . . and this

could be the last day . . .

of your life.
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2 Visitor Comments

Die young, and we save ourselves. People fight because they had to. They don't anymore. Memories live in us like disease. If we forgot our past, if we forgot our ancestors, you think we'd fight? I don't. Your poem rings clear.
I know the pain of thinking outside this comfortable little box; and I fortify my soul by dreaming of a freedom that is yet to come to me. I share your open eyes and your open heart.

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