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Every other person falls prey to addictions in life. The basic realization of life and its beauty gradually disappears with addictions. Understanding oneself and putting away addictions are a key for a beautiful life. Especially when addictions come in young teenage, its a pathetic plight for the age and the development into the old years. A strong need for awareness, is a small solution to the problem of smoking, drugs, and alcohol.


Watch the smoke
As it flies.
try to think,
What's wise.

Feeling high
In deep blue sky
Higher you fly
Harder you fall.

Addictions aplenty
Way before twenty,
Makes life painful,
Makes life empty.

Kick away the need,
To be kicked away in space,
There is nothingness there,
It's not a good place.
It's not a good place.
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11 Visitor Comments

your poem brought tears to my eyes because i have friends that have been taken over by addictions and your poem just gives me another reason why i should not give in.
I tsaid ahow I was felling when I was out there do that along with wht I had todo to get it. Now I am 4 years clean and feel good about
ta for the reminder. We know we never have to go back, we can trace our way back to clean-living. our sanity. I've been out of the drug-devil's grip after 8 years. I write myself free of my addiction too. thanks and well done!
I think it was well done. maby some more pain shown.
Amazing poem. You say alot with just enough words
this is good, but addictions come in many more forms than drugs. i have one, but will not reaveal it.
Damn! Been there. Your poem sure puts it straight! Thanks for the reminder.
i relate to this poem a lot. i think it's very truthful.
this poem is very easy to relate to and it reminds me of myself about 2 years ago.
this is a great poems for all teens. CONGRATULATIONS SUROOR!!!!!!

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