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My poem may not be about me, because I am white and catholic and, after all, only thirteen.

But after I saw a movie where blacks and Jewish people were being discriminated against badly, I wanted to write about how I would feel if I were facing that kind of discrimination.

In God's Eyes

I don't understand why they treat us this way,
We are not that different, inside were all the same,
We should not be judged by our religion or the color of our face,
Because in the end, we're all running this same race,

I wake up each day and I want to run away,
Away from this world of cruelty and shame,
And I think of the joy that our world could have,
If we all stop this madness and never forget that in God's eyes,

we are all the Same.
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50 Visitor Comments

It's all true
Yo Monica, This is well written, and I agree with you 100%. Keep on writing, this is a winner. Bobby
Your poem is jus amazing it shows so much emotion. Im a pakistany muslim and wen i read it, it was kinda like the situation that most of us are in now. Its realy good you should be proud of your self
its good to see that someone has gotten their feelings out for the world to see and I hope the message gets across because I do wonder the same thing everyday. We make up the world by who we are. Keep writing!
I love it! =D
PLEASE, keep writing. Don't let any mishaps detour what God has placed inside of your heart. I am from New Orleans, and lost all of my poetry in the storm. You have been a great encouragement. Thank you, and God's blessing as you continue to do his will.
its how i feel every morning how did you know i feel?
That was great I actually heard it in class today by another student so I thought I would check it out. It is true keep it up you go girl
this is a very gud poem i think it is ver well written 10
I think this is very inspiring! If a thirteen year old girl can understand that diversity is wrong more than a thirty year old man that I know can, then this only means one thing. The views toward diversity are changing for the better. I just wish more people were as accepting as you!
this poem rocks i never liked my own race but when i went on vacation people were cruel and still are so im proud tro be who i am
wow. thats all i have to say. this poem hit me hard. i am asian and a christian, and from time to time, people would pick on asians becuz they think that we wont do anything. like fight for our rights, and most asains wont becuz we are too scared to have a voice.
I looooooooooooooved your poem! Personally, I'm Muslim so I get that feeling everyday. I even wrote a very cool poem about my experience but havent publicized it. Dont exactly know how. Your poem was short but with meanings of a thousand pages. It's tight!
Very touching, great for a girl who is just 13 years old. Congratulations to her!
this is very good and there is nothing you need to change about it you go girl.
good yea UR right we are the same
This really touched my heart because I am a transgendered woman and our society in this world, is just so biased and prejudiced against those people who are very different than they are, like gay's and transgendered people. For we are who we are in this world and on this planet. For we all have the very same Faith in God above and worship our Lord on sunday, and yet most Churches will kick us out the front doors for being who we are in society and treat us like trash and not a human being. And we live in a racist environment and society and are treated very badly. Jessica
I loved this poem so much. I had to do a project and it was about rasicm and stuff. I decided to use yours because it was so great especially for a 13 year old. GREAT GREAT GREAT! By the way I did put your name on the poem and all that kind of stuff.
hey monica your poem was really good consitering your age. keep it up girl you got talent! luv ash
i relly like this poem because your right we are all the same in gods eyes.
I loved your poem. It said so many things that I wanted to say about todays(and yesterdays) society. Even though I am white I can still feel any victim of discriminations pain. Keep up the good work!
i give it a 1000 thumbs up!
this poem is right on,hits home personally
i loved this poem. it really touched my heart. i am a white american whom lives in idaho, there are some racial people here. My family is not racial or bias to anyone of another culture, i e-mailed this to my friends dad (who is racial) i actually do believe it changed his idea of equal rights
a very careing poem. Religious people today are twisting the scripture to condemn everyone who does not fit their mold. People are becoming more educated, and it's wonderful to see such a young child as yourself rally for the cause of righteousness. Stay pure and follow your Heart, listen to your concience and you'll be a great writer one day as well as a good person in the eyes of God.
Dr. Diana
Wonderful poem, with evocative phrases and so thoughtful. I think it is ageless! No one who reads it and has been hurt by discrimination will be untouched. No one also, would know the age of the poet. Hurray for this young woman. I hope she continues to write. She has the makings of a first class, award-winning poet.
I loved your poem!
There is no words for how good your poem was. I think that it is wrong for anyone to judge anyone person by the way they look, talk, or what religion they are. I think that you are veyr smart and if people went by the words in your poems there would so much peace in the world.
oh my gosh if more people see the world like this, i believe we would have less problems. this poem really touched me because i have to see and deal with racial discrimination on a daily basis.
keep up the good work
As a jewish person, I really loved your poem and really felt emotional. It's good to know that there are still some alive angels like you, Monica, that can walk in other people's mocassins and remind us the values forgotten or ignored. Yes, we are all the same. Thank you for your poem. Keep up writing your feelings, I'm sure you'll be a great poet!
Hi there!This the best poetry i have ever read on racial matter. I'm from India but whenever we indians are chatting with a european they seems to ignore us . whenever i'll entered any room ,i'll simply paste your poem in the chat room . Monica your poem is pretty good . It conveys the message that coloor is not the main issue we have to look into somebody . How he /she is at heart . Keep it up Monica . Best luck !
hey gurl. this is so great, god is workin with u baby, keep on tellin tha story, & keep yo faith, u got tha power!
i think this is the best poem that i have ever read and i want to say that i am i white guy and i am in a black college institution and i think and feel that really like you said we are the same
your poem is good.
Hi Monica, Here am I from Germany! I like your poems, a very fine dreams of words. (please, excuse my english)
this is a great poem, you should caryy on farther with your writing it could reall take u far thank you for helping me open my eyes.
Wonderfully and divinely inspired of God through a babe. Monica keep allowing God to use you. This is awesome and says so much. "Only what we do for Christ will last"!
This poem is wonderful. it's so true! we are all one in God's eyes,when people realize this in their hearts, God will be so happy & say: finally got it! thank you. Thank you Monica for being one of God's messenger.
great poem i loved it i think it is the best on this site!
i like this poems because is so beautiful.
Your poem catches what is sad but oh so terribly true. I myself hate to see that color and religion divide people into categories that some say shouldn't be crossed or mixed. Like you said, God created all of us, and loves us equally. People should be able to do the same.
This poem was very inspirational, far to often we judge others by the color of their skin, but truly deep down within our souls we all know we are all the same no matter the color in God! Monica Keep Up The Good Work-From The Mouth Of Babes.
I like your poem.
it is so true and she's only 13 which is great that she has this insight on racism. reality is harsh and she captured the right words for this poem. it is truly great.
To All, If we in this world would only listen to the children this would be a better place. As God would say out of the mouth of babes the truth comes out.. I would like to thank Monica you have touched a place in my heart. keep going for you have a gift from GOD.
tho life rears it's ugly head don't be discouraged by good faith

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