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It's just a poem out of what I've got out of my life up to this point. It's my own way of viewing life. I can imagine that many people have a different view on the matter. Human right you know.

Life Is...

Life is a journey,
Life is a game,
Life is an exam,
that you mustn't fail.

To be alive it is meant
to grow and to serve.
To help the needy men,
to give and get.

To do the right thing,
to be good and keen,
to save little kids
and let birds fly free.

But life as a journey,
but Life as a game,
but Life as an exam,
it's got it's own end and gain.

Good people live for ever.
Even when they're dead.
They smile, they're laughing.
They're happy till the end.

Bad people just die
being miserable and sad.
No smiles, no laughing,
nothing's left to their hands.
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11 Visitor Comments

I saw ur point on this and it was a good point
i like this poem because sometimes i wonder what life will be like if we didnt have people to write these kind of poems
I LOVE this poem. It tells the truth in so many ways.
that poem, was like sooo awesome! sweetness
i loved the poem it was the best!
Very good poem. I love it. It is very real.
This poem is nice. I also read some of your other poems and I like them all. well done
I never thought that i would be able to define "LIFE" but ur poem definitely gave me a head start.Absolutely briliant.
A wery beautiful poem!

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