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This poem deals with the situation that I am faced with right now, How to tell my boyfriend just how I feel about him.

Have I Ever?

Have I ever told you how much you mean to me?
And how it feels like heaven whenever you're with me.
I just love the way you hold me in your warm embrace.
And when I'm down, how you gently wipe the tears from my face.
The way you kiss, how your lips softly and sweetly meet mine.
The way you innocently look into my eyes, with love and passion
and never cold like ice.

So, you're asking, "How much do I mean to you?"
Words can't explain how I feel,
but honey, I love you!
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36 Visitor Comments

i liked it because it reminded me about my boyfriend and it touched my heart
This poem is so touching, i love it!
so true!
I like it :) It's so cute!
this poem actually really touch mah hr8 thax 4 putting up such a nice an touching poems
how cute?
nyc nyc. datz a v. sweet poem girl! itz cul & nyc n simple, bt sweet!
Wow that ish a cute ending. well is that just you who wrote da ending or is it ur lover eh. well just lucky i voted for you.
Great gob! Keep up the fantastic work!
i luved your poem it made me think about my boyfriend. and just how much i love him with everything i have. he means the world to me their is nothing i woulden't do for him. that why your poem was so inspireing to me i luved it sincerly, rae'
Hahahah! I can relate exactly! except for the kiss, by girlfriend jus freezes up when I kiss her.
This poem is awesome. I was in the same situation not long ago. (I am white and my boyfriend is black) My mom always said that I wasnt allowed to date someone who isnt white. My mom finally accepted us and we've been together for a year. I like this poem so much not just because of how well its written and how well you expressed yourself, but because i can completely and totally relate to it. Keep up the good work. I hope to see more of your stuff on the site!
your poem is pretty tight. well to me it is. hahah. well i ain't got much to say but just keep writting more poems and send it to me so i can tell you if its nice or not. well later. )
this poem is sssooo good it reminds me of my current boyfriend it took my breath i thought about this poem and i thought of my boyfriend automatically!
I think tiz poem waz good.
good poem there
i really like this poem cuz i really want to tell my boyfriend how i fell about him but i just did not know how to tell him. but now i do thanx.
i voted for it and am printing it off
love that poem ithought it was very sweet. i know what and how it fells to not be able to tell the one i love how i fell. great poem
awww its so swt that poem is tha swtest thing i ever read
This is a great poem it says everything i wish I could say to my guy. Thanks
Hey this was a great poem. your really good at writing them keep up the good work :)
i loved it its so sweet and shows how you fell about him
It's juz a great poem!
I can relate to your poem,cause thats how i feel about my baby.nice poem!
I think that you are a great poet and i totaly felt what you were saying. I really liked it becoude it made me think of my boyfriend and it just spoke to me. I think that you can take your poetry far so keep up the awsome work and thanx for the grat poem.
its great and touching
I thought that this peoms was written very well! i just wanted to say great job i guess i really dunno what to write but great job on writign this
i think this poem is really sweet,and has alot of meaning to me.
I'm a professional poet, your poem was really good, so all i got to say is don't give up what you can doeven if it means sacrificing important things, BUT if your still in SCHOOL, GO ALL THE WAY and get your EDUACATION, trust me you'll need it. I learned the hard way and quit at the age of 17.
This poem is the boom! I like it very mush ,i like how you express your self. I'am going to give it to my husband.
BEAUTIFUL poem i love it so much and i can PERFECTLY and TOTALLY relate to it. :)
it was really deep.
your poem, descibes exactly how i'm feeling right now, towards my boyfriend
iT wAs NicE ...
I Love this poem it hass got a lot of meaning to it

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