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This poems means the world to me, because it's for the one I love. It's the only poem I have ever written, for the guy I once had, but lost.

Dedicated To Anthony

How Much I Care

The more I fall in love with you
The more I wish you'd love me too
You whisper little sweet nothings in my ear
Little sweet nothings I long to hear
We were together one day
It felt just like May
I will love you forever more
And I will never walk out the door
I would make love to you
Anytime you asked me to.

But I am scared of what the results could be
If at anytime you walked out on me
Every breath I have taken
Has made me realize just how much I love you
And everyday that passes by
I pray you love me too.

I love you more than anything in this world
More then worlds could express
So don't let me get depressed
Tell me you really love me too
Cause I know I love you
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17 Visitor Comments

i think this poem is reli good i am goin through the exact same thing i reli love this boy but i dnno if he luvs me i want him 2 soo bad n think of him al the tym but it jst makes me sad 2 think about coz deep inside i no he dosent great poem !
hay i like this poem very much. coz i was thinking for to send a mail to my girl friend jeanette rosario i have found here i love it any was thank you?
well it really expresses what i think and fell. it saids the things i want to tell the boy i love but can never tell him
this is a very good poem. i can relate. thats how i feel about my b/f. we have been going out for 4 years now and i love him so much but sometimes its good to be reminded. ^^
i lov this poem, it madd me realised how much i lov this person in my class, and it made me felt like i was there. GREAT JOB~!
i LOVE this poem i can so relate to it because everyday i feel i need to be reasurred by my bf,i lover him so much. i hope you dont mind but i mite borrow this poem and send it him. 10/10 well done
Great poem I love it.
This is a beautiful poem from the heart.
I love the poem!
i really like this poem because i can relate to it.
i think it was really good
I understand. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! but beleive me the results sren't always what wanted and expected.
This poem describes exactly how I feel! Infact I sent it to my boyfriend exaplaining how much I love him and telling him how much i need 2 hear it from him. This is just an awesome poem!
i think this is a very good poem
It's just real good, and I like it a lot.
I just want to say that it is a great poem and I hope to see more of them..... Poems like this help me to wright my own, I have been wrighting for about 6 years and I am going to keep wrighting. Good Luck.
That was the most beautiful poem I have ever read I only wish someone would write something like that for me

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