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This poem is about teenage love. It is about how teenagers "fall in love" with someone, but instead of admitting their feelings and talking to that someone, they sit back and watch them from afar. About how no matter what you're doing, they always find a way to pop into your mind. About how you are afraid to express your feelings because you fear rejection. I know about this topic all to well!

I wrote this poem about a girl that I liked, and instead of just talking to her, I just freakin sat there. Now it is too late, because she just passed away and will never know my true feelings for her. I wish every day that we could be together.

Unknown, Untouched, Unseen

Your sparkling blue eyes, almost like the sky above,
the sky lacking the affection
shown by these amazing features.
Your voice is sensational, ringing constantly I my ears,
lingering only to remind me of your kind and gentle ways.
Your smile is warm, showing love to all things seen.
Your presence is what I long for every minute of the day.
But to my disappointment,
I can only dream of the time that we could be together.
I'd love to run my fingers through your silky blond hair
that flows ever so gently free,
delicately framing your fragile face that beams with joy.

Your humor delights me, it will obtain my attention always.
You act with concern for all creatures
and long to portray a positive message to all people.
I see your face only in school,
but long to reach out and touch you tender heart.
My mind secures a picture of you so that we will never be apart.
Through all the storms and seasons, you are the only one.
Constant, always caring, bright, shinning as the sun.
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31 Visitor Comments

you sound like a auwsome guy! great poem, made me cry in the middle of health
sweet words for this poem are: 1. chutiapanti ki poem 2. gandu poet
that is a good poem for this girl
I liked reading it a lot
I love your poem it really seems like you paid attention to her and are a great poet.
WOW!that was really awesome!I feel just the same way about this girl at school but i am WAY to scared to talk to her, but i think i feel ecouraged enough to talk to her now cause of this poem!Thanks!
I have one word to say "beautiful"
I really do understand how you feel. I read the not above the poem, and I can just imagine how I'd feel if I lost the one person I loved. Great poem it is awesome work, keep it up and believe me, true love can always tell. Your love will always know how you feel, whether she is with you or not.
I loved this poem it was great! i've had the same thing happen to me with a guy. Finally i got the courage to tell him and found out he likes me too! it was great! you should just talk to the girl andf see if she likes you, you have nothing to lose just something to gain. she might just be scared you don't like her. Great job on the poem!
I can see Great feeling went into this poem keep up the marvelous work.
Wow! you write with such passion. I loved your poem. I'm sorry you never got to share your feelings with that special someone but thank you for sharing them with me.
i love your poemit is so true .your girlfriend is one hell of a lucky personto have a boyfriend let alone a husband to express their true feelings, and theres not alot of people out there like you !you always have me as a friend
didnt you read the description above the poem? this girl passed away and theres no way hes going to be able tell her. but it was a great poem
Jacob, This was really sweet. Mabey if you just talk to her you may be suprized to see that she does want thee.
Hey man. Excellent poem.that was extreamly touching, maybe someday that lady that you wrote to will be able to know how you truely feel.
i loved this poem, because I'm in the same situation, this girl that i truly like is almost graduting and leaving me forever.
I felt the same way. I know how it is to look and never can touch. You just have to let it go and put it in the past
I know what you mean when you say that you didn't told that girl your feelings. I let that happen to me 3 times. Can you believe it? I can't. But now I built up my courage and I'm not leting go.
i absolutely love this poem, i've been through most of what happend to u, but for me the guy i'm in love with is seeing another girl, and doesn't realise how much it is hurting me, for me 2 see him everyday knowing he's with her.
i thought that this was a very touching poem and it was written from the heart.
I too am in the process of making the same mistake
love like that doesnt come often never take the chance of losing someone
very very true
this poem was one of the best poems i have ever read in my life. It touched me in a way that i never thought poetry could touch, and it is so relavant in my life!
This was a beautiful poem. I know exactly how the author felt in this poem because it happened to me. The girl didn't die but she got married to someone else. But I really loved this poem it has so much meaning to me.
its quite a good poem
i love this poem and know he feels
This poem is so amazing, it really tocuhes the heart
This poem is very TRUE and great!
I love this poem. I am going to use it to this girl I like. I have the same problems as Jacob did, theres this girl i like but i dont express to her that i love her. I am going to give her this poem hoping we could connect. Thank you Jacob Sullivan
Jacob, I'm really sorry for your loss. I really liked this poem, it reminds me of me right now, See. I like this boy, and he's about 3 or maybe 4 years older than me, he use to be my sisters friend, They stopped being friends, and he moved away, So, now I don't have anyway to tell him my feelings for him, And I'm afraid that I will never see him again!

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