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This poem is about liking an older guy. The fact that he has considered my feelings for him and now actually returns some of them. We have started to work on building a relationship based of friendship and just have to wait and see where it heads. This poem just expresses my feelings up until this point.

Because Of You

I’ve been in darkness for so long just waiting for the light,
And now that you have come my way, my days don’t seem like nights.

I’m glad I’m finally overcome my fear of the other side,
Thank you for showing me the way, by taking me on this ride.

I’ve never really felt this way about a guy before,
You’ve truly touched me deep inside, you’ve opened, unlocked, the door.

I know it’s nothing serious, but surly it’s a start,
You’ve treated me so equally, I feel it in my heart.

And even if this does not work, I’m glad I’ve had this chance,
To see how great you truly are, even just for a glance.

We never know what’ll come of this, it really just depends,
I’m glad we’re taking the first step, we’re becoming better friends.

With you I never have to guess just how you really feel,
You talk to me about the facts and tell me what’s the deal.

With you I feel so comfortable, like nothing can go wrong,
I get this tingly feeling inside, you sing to me like a song.

The fact that you are older, really did freak me out,
But you treat me like I’m your age, now I’m rid of all my doubts.

I’m trying to live in the moment, by forgetting about the past,
And so far it’s been working, and it’s really been a blast.

So hopefully from this day forth, I’ll know just what to do,
If ever I come across a guy, another guy like you.
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Yea i did like your poem and all because i have this friend who seeing a n older guy and she really likes him to.
I really love this poem cause it reminds me of me right now. I have a boyfriend that is 16 and I'm 13 turning 14 in the summer. He really doesn't care about my age he just cares about me in general.
omg i love this poem!11
I really enjoy this peom it say everything that i feel about this older guy im talkin to. i hope their are more to come.
this poem hit close to home coz i also like an older guy!
this poem is really beautiful you can write really good poems.
I can relate to this poem in many ways. At one point I was dating an older guy, and this poem explains exactly how I felt. He said we would get back together and I hope he was telling the truth, because he was the first person I have ever loved.
This poem really touched me, because it seemed as if the author was reading my thoughts and living my life, because I can relate to the poem so much. It is very well written and has great emotion.
I think this poem is beautiful. This is exactly how I feel. I feel for an older guy but he makes me feel like I am his age.
This poem is incredible! I have recently gotten with an older guy and I could never find the words to tell him how I felt about him and he couldn't understand why. but I found the perfect words to say in your poem. You are an insperation to all of us girls with older bfs or working our way up to the older bf. -I think this is one of my most favorite poems out there! lol thank you for the priveldge. *~*~Megan*~*~
it is a inspiration for teens to love
this poem was like the best really cause well lets say i just went through this problem and i read this poem and it said it all that i was feeling! you are a great writter! good job
it a great poem
I enjoy this peom. keep writing peoms like this.
well, i'm speechless; i think there is a deep feeling in your heart that will not go with the winds. You did a good job
This poem is so beautiful to me. I can relate to this poem right now.
When i read this poem it reminded me of this girl I go to school with. She's really a great girl and I've been dropping all kinds of hints that I like her and I'm hoping that this peom is it.
I really luv dis poem it's very good it inspiring and it's so real cuz their are many people who can't explain how they fell on paper but they did a very wonderful jov expressing they feelings
i love this poem! it's like all you have is hope for that relationship. you're thinking of the good but know in your head it may not last. i like how you said you took a chance and glad you did, i think all girls should take a chance if they think it'll work.
Hi! That was beautiful. Its not always easy to put your feelings into words and even make them rhyme. Especially when theyre really deep feelings. Again, that was great. Keep it up!
aww, thats so cute. you're a great poet. i really loved this poem
Hey, i loved your poem it was very deep and i feel the same way about someone else accept they are the one afraid to take the chance. Anyways good job.
I think that the poem was really great, and i enjoyed reading it!
this poem was good
this poem is so ture i feel the same right now about a very close friend. keep writeing poems like this and ull deffently have my vote
i know exsactly how u feel. i wwish i could have made this poem to explain the troubles w/ likeing an older guy, and haven him like you too. but having his age in the way. thanks
It was very sweet!
this is an amazing poem i love it and read it every day
I loved this poem so much. It reminded me of this relationship that i'm havin with a guy 6 years older than I am, and we are just waiting it out to see what is going to happen
this poem i could relate to cuz the guy i am crushing on is 2 years older than me but he liked me first an every word said in this poemi could relate to great job
well its a very nice poem ? i really like poetry too? especially when am really stree out ? any ways but in my case hes younger then me by a year?
I love this poem. I have a crush on an older guy and this describes it perfectly! I dont know what else to say about it because i'm stunned.
I just wanted to vote this in because I knou how you feel.
i like your poem so much, all u said im going through right now
Wonderful poem
This poem really shows true meanings and feelings i loved it.
I REALLY like this poem. i can hecka relate to this because my boyfriend is like 3 years older than me. but yeah! I LOVE IT!
Hey your poem was awsome. It expressed so much and tells alot. It shows that you are strong your self and it made me realize somethings about myself. Keep doing what u doing cuz it was a great poem
I loved it! it is what i am going through right now! it means so much to me that somone else out there is going through the same thing!
The poem you gave me touched me. in that special place and im not talking about my heart! thanks alot it was fun Starburst I love you
I loved this poem!Its most deffenetly my favorite i'v ever read, and trust me i'v read alot. It totally describes a relationship im in right now with one of the most amazins guys i'v ever met!
this was a very sad but awsome poem.
Because i am sorta in the same situation, except he dont know that i like him, and its something that i wish it could be. if only. and the fact that a younger girl can get an older guy makes me happy :)
What a touching poem. its exactly what im going through!. my boyfriend is a couple years ahead of me and it just explains it all. great poem i love it =)
i can really relate to this poem it is happening to me right now! there is this older guy i like and he's really sweet and he is starting to show some of the same affection. you're a great writer don't ever give up
this poem is really good and i can relate to it it comes from your heart it is really a sweet poem keep writing your good at it!
I REALLY like your poem. It used to relate to me, but now I've found someone else. You are a great writer! Write more PLEASE!
Mr. Satrburt you are a very great poet and I wish you keep on writing these kind of poems because this poem reminds me of my first love he is five years older than me but anyways I really loved this poem and I encourage you to keep on writing these kinds of poems.
i love this poem it exsplanes me great job keep it up
I have felt this way before and you understand how I have felt and I couldn't have put it into better words well done keep it up and take your future far I have faith in you and always will
i totally kno how u feel i am 14 and my boi is fixin to be 16 that isnt much of a difference but it isnt easy either way b/c ya never kno wut is gonna happen! i feel ya sis
Wow i really liked your poem, was really good! It's kinda what im going threw right now. GOOD JOB!
This poem is very good i righ ta few myself sometimes, and I can really relate to this one! Your poem is very insperational and in so many ways true. Keep up the good work!
I really like this poem,because I'm going through a similar experience! But this poem shows me that I'm not the only one going through this! And it helped me to understand my situation. So thank you for posting this on this website! And I'll be reading more of these poems. Hopefully I can voice one of my poems.
I can really relate to your poem. It reminds me of a freind who I will send this poem to. Thenk you for posting a poem like this.
I love this poem. Im in the same thing right now. I really like this guy and he is older and i jus hope everything works out. i sent him this poem bcuz i liekd it so much and he liked it too. Thanks and keep up the good work. keep writin more poems like that!
I feel you.
This peom really touched me because the guy I dated last was 5 years older, but he seemed right. He moved on and so did I but if I look back to those times I sometimes still hurt, he was just so perfect.
This is a really good poem and I can honestly related to this because of the age thing.
great poem, the best so far
You are truly a gifted poet-I would like to compliment you on your great work. I am not sure how old you are or if you have even experianced what you have expressed but great job.GREAT WORK
this poam was the best love poam i heard. it remindes me of a time that happened to me.
that is a very very good poam i liked it i like when people say that kind of thing to get deep down in to people
I love it! my wishes go out to u. I have a new boyfriend. even though he is not older, this poems touches my heart. I too write poems and this reminds me of my own writing. Job well done ;)
I can totally relate to this poem. I believe love knows no age. Good luck girl! Great poem!
i luv ur poem it almost shows me the sitituation that im in right now but im really confused cuz i wanna now if hes just playin wit me or does he truly luv me.
i really like thie poem. i thank it was really kool
i really enjoyed this poem. i am currently a junior in high school and my "friend" soon to be boyfriend is a freshmen in college. this poem so relates to my life and our situation. i thank you so much for being able to write such an awesome poem. you rock!. i am going to sen this to my guy, i know he will totally love it.
i think that this poem is very true it reaminds me of me and my new boyfriend
I feel like this poem. i met a guy a few months ago who is a few years older. i like him more than i should - not sure what to do!
Im sorry if this has happened to you but i really liked this poem.
see i am going out with a 28 year old and i am only 17 and people say why do you do that becuse he cares about me and so i sent this poam to him and some friends becuse it is jest great i love it and it is the truth in most cases !
I really liked this poem. I can relate to this story just a little bit.
i really understand were this poam comes from i am in a relationship now with a guy who is older but makes me feel equal. i really like this poam as do many people WAY TO GO!
This poem Really has helped me alot! I am in love with someone who is 9 years older then I, and everyone else thinks it is wrong, and I have been depressed, and reading your poem, I know there is others who feel the same as Me!
I really like this poam. I can also relate to this poam becoues I like this older guy. We Re just friends right nom. We are working on get closer. He treats me like I am his age.
Hey great poem luv it. I'm going out with an older girl her name is steff and she saved me I was always trying 2 kill myself till she cam into my life. i luv her wif all my heart Love Kirsten
HeY!. GREAT POEM!. it reminds me of this guy that i like so much. Im in 8th grade and he is a senior but he makes my life so much better. he likes me parents and they like him. but he is afraid to go out with me because of age. but i think im going to let him read your poem starburst and see if he thinks different of us. truly i think that age doesnt matter as long as your love the person. ThAnX!. keep them coming STARBURST
nice love it
I wanted to find something to tell my friend how i felt i couldnt start anywhere I didnt have any words so i found this poem and really shows how i feel about this friend and im glad im not the only one like that cause this poem is just to true. I really love it som imma email it to him. Great poem!
your poem was so great. i really liked it.
I really like this poem because I'm going through this situation right now. At first it really bothered me about the whole age thing but im beginning to realize that age is just a number and love is greater. I love you Brandon!
I jus wat to say that this poem is awsome. My best friend is wanting to be with an older guy but she's jus so worried about his age, Hopefully this will help her a little bit, she really likes him alot!
it reflects exactly what im feeling , i have this relation shipwith someone 4 years older and its great to see how other peeps express their feelings. excelent poetry
I love this poem so much, i really love this guy who is 3 yrs older then me and its hard just being friends, but this poem shows that just maybe we could have a chance without hurting each other in ney way and still have a great friendship like we already have. Thank you for writing such a poem.
I can really relate to this poem. I know what it feels to like someone older and how hard it is to tell your parents. I am totally in love with a guy who is 7 years older than me. I met him at my work. He doesn't believe I am ready for this, but he says he can't but help loving me.
this poem really reminded me of me and my boyfriend the first time that we had met now we are in love and we are never going to be apart
When i finished reading this poem i realized it was reflecting on me. This is exactly wat is happening in my life rite now. but this poem jus tells me that sumone else knows wat this feels like.
I really like this poem because i'm 8 month older of me and my boyfriend. He gave me this poem, I hug him went I finish reading this poem.
I am dating a guy older then me and i do thank him for saving my.I use to try to hurt myself physically and now that he came into my life i totaly forgot about the past.I love him so much. Great poam.Love it!
I love this poem! I can definately relate to this.although I'm older and my boyfriend is 5 years younger than me. We first met 2 years ago..but it was just recently that I realized that age really is just a number.
I really like this poem It reminds me of me. You did a great job with this poem!
i love this poem! it is soo true!
This is one of the greatest poems I have ever read!
I really enjoyed your poem. It really made me cry all night long. It just so happens that I fell in love with a junior and I'm only a freshman. But, he feels the same also, so no matter what anyone thinks I will always say if it's love go for it.
this poem is exactly like my boyfriends and i relationship. he goes away to college soon, i don't know what will come if this if anything. but hopefully these last two years will stay in his mind forever.thanks
This poem says everything that I feel right now in my heart. I like this guy who is older too, and he likes me, and this poem helps me know age is just a number and love is most important.
I use to be the kind of person who'll ONLY go out with guys 2, 3 or 4 years older than I am. and then I meant him. His laugh, his voice, his charisma, his silliness, and most important the love he gives to me changed my life COMPLETLY! I love him so much even if he is 10 years older than I am. He means everything and this poem really opened my mind and made me see that love has no age limit. (I love you baby).
This poem is AMAZING! It totally describes my feelings toward my boyfriend. He is 6 years older than me and at first I wasn't too sure about it but he treats me like an adult and like his angel so I know I wanna spend the rest of my life with him! I wish I had the talent to write poems like this one that expressed real life situations!
i know exactly how u need 2 express ur feelings more.ur getting 2 the point where u want 2 hide.just let it all out.
I really liked your poem, it makes me feel just like me and my boyfriend because my boyfriend is in 9th grade and I'm only in 7th grade. He is one year older than me!. Thanks
This poem could relate to so many people e.g. ME,This is a an excellent poem, Keep em coming Starburst!
This poem really hit home for me when I read it. My boyfriend and I are 5 years apart in age and my parents disapprove of it greatly. He is in college and I am still in High School, and this poem shows how a person feels when you love someone that others don't approve of. Love will out power any force in the world!
That was a really touching poem it was great i loved it
Fantastic poem. I broke up with my last g/f because of an age difference. When will society come to realization that maturity is often not to be judged by ones age alone.
I really love this poam it is inspiering 2 old and young people allaround!
i liked this boy that was older than me and i wantted to show him how i felt i gave him this poam and now we are a lovly couple thanlks
I really like this poem,because it reminds me of my boyfriend which i really love more than anyone in the world.
i like the poem it is a very sweet poem
I really like this poem. I go for a lot of guys that are 4-5 years older than me. This poem makes me want to go on, even if one of the guys brake my heart.
WOW, this is one of the most touching poems I've ever read. I think about what I feel for my boyfriend and it's all writen it this one poem. Whoever you are, Starburst, you really know how to write a truely, sweet, incredible piece of art!
Hi I am so extremely touched by your poem, and I emailed you a letter to ask you for some advice, and I hope possibly i can help you too!
Hey, I think this poem is really good. It kinda describes how I felt about a guy that I liked That was older than me. Starburst keep up the good work on your poems. Bye
I can sincerely relate to this poem as I was in a relationship with a guy 8 years older then me WE broke up because Of a couple of issues but the age difference was a big issue for him. God Bless.
i loved this poem my uncle just started dating this girl and there is 22 years diffrence but i see now that age doesn't matter as long as you love each other.
I love this poem soooo much! it describes what so many people go through everyday, including me. I am in that position and i think that poem decribes the situation so well. Thank you to the author, Starburst.
good poem it flowed together very nicely i liked it! even though i have never been in the situation of dating someone older then me cause i only date people within my age no older then 2 years older then me, but still this poem was excellent i really liked how it all flowed and worked together so well GOOD JOB keep it up
I thought your poem was really good i was in your position before and believe it or not the guy i liked or loved was 3 years older than me i gave it a shot and we ahve been together a year now and we are engaged to be married!
I Though the poem was REALLY good! i mean like what is waht happening to me right now! i though i was just a real good poem! And I Really like it! It like fits the whole world of relationships!
Hey this poem is really good! I was going through something like you and it didn't work out, but that is cool. I read this poem and it just made me think another time. Keep on writing poems because you are good.
This poem is great.
This poem struck me in a kool way.I've been looking for a poem like this for a while now and im glad i red this! You have a gift.its a great poem!
This is a really good poem I can relate to it because I like older guys and my parents dont understand that.
I think this poem was a perfect explanation of my new relationship! I'm glad I found it, and sent it to that special someone in my life!
When i read this poem it made me reflect on a similar issue going on in my life. If only i could have the strength and courage to put my feelings into words. I thank you for sharing your piece of work.
I really liked the poem it explains what me and this older boy are about.
Thanx, coz i know how it feels and this poem's helped me get unhurt
I have a love like that but my mother want let it happen I love him so much and I read you'r poem and I read it to him and he cryed
i thought that this poem was so cute , and it perfectly fits my situation. Thanks
Ever since i have read this poem i have never forgot about it. I have been deeply in love with this guy for the past 2 years and this brilliant poem explains what I'm going through. There is a problem with the age difference (9 years, but i personally think age doesnt matter if u love someone that much. thankyou for writing such a beautiful poem it touched me deeply.
this poem is the perfect poem that i could send to this guy! It reminds me of my situation totally! I love it and you are a great and wonderful writer
I loved this poem. It was so good and so true to a lot of people. I could relate to it and it really touched my heart.
this poem remindz me of my first love & i jus wanted ta give u your props for makin this poem!! So B good & stay TRU wit ya self gyrl~!! aiight B*z up, ~1~, ~*alexis*~
Absolutely fantastic! I never read such a great poem which really describes how i actually feel. Thanks Starburst!!! By the way, I also love a guy who is 11 yrs older than me but he juz make me feel so right... He do have the same feelings for me but we are not really together yet as I think we are separated by the big age gap. No matter what it is, I juz wanna tell Wilson that I really Love you dear!
I think your poem was really great.I think it touches a lot of people cause it certanly touched me. Your Stranger, Bernard Hurd PS.GOD BLESS YOU!
I really loved this poem. I am kinda in the same situation right now. I really like this guy who is 4 years older than me and he likes me too, but my mom won't let us date because of the age difference. I am sad right now because he is at college 15 hours away and I can't talk to him. Thank you so much for submitting this poem. It really touched my heart.
I absolutely loved this poem!! It described almost everything me and my boyfriend are going through. Can you do me a favor and write a poem just like it but they are a couple that met over the internet but started talking on the phone and became lovers, but the girl is waiting for the guy to get there? I would apprieciate it soooo much!! E-mail me at!! -Brandonsbabygrl
hi,my name's stephanie, i learn english at school (i'm belgian by the way), and i love poetry...good poetry ! and your poem was soooo briliant. I love an older man myself, and it's really hard (also because he's gone now), even if I spent my best moments with him.
i kno whow you feel
I really liked this poem that starburst wrote it described me and my boyfriend some ways.
This poem, is what most young girls feel about dating an older guy. I love it, thank you.
i really love this poem and i wish someone could sent me poems of this same author because i really, really love he poems!
This poem that you have written is so at home to me. What you have written about the older guy who you'd like to become more with but is just a friend at the moment is exactly what I'm going through. This poem is wonderful!
I really liked this poem. I can relate to it so much This poem gave me the courage to go on.
this poem makes so much since to me, but don't forget I'am a guy
The reality takes place in your poem
This is a nice poem for a girl to give to a guy if she doesn;t know how to express her feelings to him
This poem was really sweet, meaningful, and deep. I really enjoyed it.
I really loved this poem, being in a relationship with an older guy is really hard but this explained it very well.
I know exactly how you feel, only he hasn't returned the feelings so we're just good friends
I think that this poem was one of the best.It reminds me of my life in a way
I just wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL I think this poem is! I am relating to this poem majorly in my life right now, and I was just feeling rather upset about it tonight. I found this poem and I ended up sending it to the guy. I don't know how to describe what I felt when I first read it. It was amazing, it was like you read my heart!-Completely, in between the lines, the fine print, and all. it's just amazing...I love it. Very well done! This is the first piece of yours that I have read, and from this I'm eager to search for more!
it has a very good rhythem to it. It stats the truth very well
I luv this poem because it's true 100% that's what really happens when you like a guy and he likes you but there's a big age difference.I know because I'm going through it right now.
ilove this poem its really great it prove thats age doesnt really matter if you really try to work things out with your patner
I really liked it.
This was a really great poem! It just really fit my situation so i sent it to my boyfriend-it really helped me to tell him how i feel
I loved this poem. I really dicribed me and Brad. I was always trying to find a poem to give o him and now I finally can. This is a great poem and your a good writter.
this poem describes all the feelings i have with my new friend, i am greatful that someone has the same feelings that i do!
It is amassing hoe this poem relates to my situation. it's cute and my b-friend enjoyed it also
I think this poem was wonderful. I feel the same way, i think that love is important
I really do love this poem! It's great!
i love this poem it describes my feelings for a boy i know
I really liked this poem it ment a lot!
this poem is so touching and i hpe that u and that guy work out cuzz from how u express about him he seems like a great guy
your poem really touched my heart and helped me relate to a similar problem that I had a few years ago. I actually helped me understand that we need to live in today and not tomorrow. Thank you for all you have done even if you don't know you were going to help
I totally love this poam i am going to hang it in my room, i am in love with an older guy too and he treats me just like an equal. I really feel what this poams describes when i am around him.
this is so good! it reminds me of me and this boy im totally in love with! good job, keep writing!
It really decribes the relationship I am in right now and I can empathize with it as a poet and a teenager. Its really a good peom and I would love to read more like this, poems about real life situations, there are truely inspirational. Thansk for sharing your peom with us, it is appreciated.
I really liked it. I'm going out with an older guy so I'm glad that I found a poem like this
hey i really loved this poem, i have a special someon that is older then me and he treats me like an adult not a kid !
I really love this poem. I send it to anyone who wants to read a good poem.
i love the poem it has inspired me in many ways
I think this poem is totally great. I was in the same situation, but things didn't work out. It really hurt me alot but after reading this poem i realized that he gave me something no one else could have and i am grateful.
I really liked this poem because my boyfriend of two years and I are 4 years apart and this poem just explains our relationship. I have wrote a poem to him about our age difference and it is similar to this poem!
I know exactly what you're talking about. everyone is telling us we shouldn't be together, but we love each other, and we are not letting that rip us apart. Love overcomes all.
i liked your poem because i am in a relationship with a older guy write now and it is way more then i expected it to bo and it freaked me out at first but he does treat me like i am his age and that really does mean alot to me thanx for sharing the poem with others you have made me realize some things thank you! you r very talented!
I really loved your poem Your poem is so insperational I hope to become A poet some day
This poem describes exactly how I feel about this older guy I met not too long ago.
I really love this poem. I'm not actually dating or going out with anyone older but I have a friend who is almost double my age and we get on so well its unbelieviable. You are a really inspiring poet.

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