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I wrote this poem to my girlfriend after she wrote one calling me a flower waiting to blossom. She wrote it when I was questioning my love for life.

This is what I wrote back for her.

That Lonely Flower

Your lonely flower has blossomed for you
Your lonely flower that only you saw
The lonely flower that you watered
The lonely flower everyone else called a weed
You took your time and stooped down to care for him
Friends tried to pull you away but you stayed
I believe in you, flower,
you’d whisper into his rose- petal ears
Well now your lonely flower has blossomed
Now your flower is lovely for you.
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29 Visitor Comments

this poem makes alot of sense to me just cause once i felt like that lil flower keep writting poems like these.
I thinks thats very cute.
1 q what if u (the flower) get steped on
Nice poem! It makes me think of writing something to cheer my boyfriend up. Thanks :)
Alex, your poem is like no other. I think its really sweet and touched a lot of people (including me). follow your heart and stay true to your feelings
I really enjoyed this poem. I thought it was a wonderful poem. Good job and keep it up!
That poem was very sweet an tuching to me you need to writhe more an maby i could let you in on one of mine if you wont i write poems to. i beleaive your girl is very happy with you.
this is a sweet poem we need more men like I wish I had one you should make a clone of you and your poem
i liked dis poem because it maked me sad cuz i dumped dis boy n know da i read it makes me feel lonely n i`ll never go out witn some1 again n i`ll just be lonely
this poem really touched me.
Good job!
WOW this poem is really great. If my BF wrote poems like this one then life would be great. I wish that there were more guys like you out there somewhere.
This is a great poem . I mean i did the same for my ex . but he rly didnt understand what i was doing . i was tring to pull him out of his shell . but htat rly didnt work . but otherwise good job . keep it up . look forward to seeing more! :-D
that poem touched me it is really good
Ryan Amber
Awesome. It is the best on the site so far! very touching! Keep writing!
I enjoyed reading your poem, It was beautifly written and a deep ganuin piece of work. Keep up the good work!
I did the same thing to my boyfriend and we have been together for three years tomarrow.
I love this poem it is very sweet and inspiring!
I absolutely adored that poem! Wow your girl must be very lucky! If any one took the moment to write a poem like that for me I cannot even relate to the way I would feel. Amazing poem, I love it.
I loved this poem. It'S so adorable! If my boyfriend wrote me a poem like that i would probably cry!
that poem is so sweet, i wish more guys were like u
very heart felt
I really liked your poem.Most men are jerks and never dare to right something like this.It's really sweet that your willing to let everyone know how you feel about the one you love.She's very lucky. Bye.
Great poem, i can really relate to it. Keep on writing!
AwWw. that's one of the sweetest poems I've EVER read. Your girlfriend is lucky to have such an honest and sweet guy. GREAT JOB Alex! Keep writing :-)
awwww. that is soo sweet! if only all guyz wrote nice stuff like u!
It was very sweet of you to do this for your girlfriend.I liked the poem.touching.
THis poem i can realate to so much. I went through the same experince. So clear to me but others may be to shady.
i think this poem is so cute and it was nice of you to write it to yor gilfriend

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