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The wishes of a teenager (me) that fell in love with a girl that already is in love with someone else. These are the wishes I make when I see her.

Shooting Stars

I see shooting stars
Every time I see your soft skin
Closing mine eyes, hopefully
Wishing you'd forget those other men.

I see shooting stars
When you run your hands through your hair
Wishing that you combed it
For 'our date' tonight, I declare.

I see shooting stars
When you gleam your pearly smile
Wishing that just once,
We could talk for a little while.

I see shooting stars
When we lock in eye contact
Wishing that our love could be
A covenant rather than a contract.

I see shooting stars
When your voice, so sweet, it sounds
But when I realize we can not be
It makes me wish 'till sundown.

How bittersweet these wishes
Made on shooting stars afar
Even though I wished with heart and soul
It can't happened, taken you are.

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20 Visitor Comments

i really enjoied reading that! REALLY
nice poem. sounds kinda like me.
WOW! i loved that so much. This is girl is really something to you! ^. ^ She'll realize your love soon enough! Good job and goodluck!
wow. this poem really touched me, actually, it almost made me cry. I also write poems and this 1 has . inspired me to write more. :-) I hope this girl soon realizes how you feel and returns your feelings because if you care that much for her, I don't see how she couldn't like you . Hang in there. :-) Love finds all, eventually. :-)
That was a great poem. She should realize you, you seem sweet. Just like the other girls say. I'd be happy with ya. Keep Up the good Work!
Hey dude that is a great way to express yourself and do not worry there is a woman out there somewhere who you will see as a bright sun in the morning and a bright star at dusk.
it was a great poem it seems like this girl means a lot! if she doesn't see how sweet you are she's crazy. i hope you get what you want to out of this poem to this specail someone
hey lil'dude. I really liked ur poem. It was str8. Keep doing it, and don't trip over one gurl theres plenty out there 4 a guy as smart and sweet as u.
god job i feeling that one .
i love it! i think it is so cool that a guy would write that to a girl. if she doesn't wont you i would be happy to be with you(she's stupid if she don't won't you)
The poem is good
you have amazing talents and i think that you should tell the girl how you feel b sending her that, shes foolish if she doesnt feel the same way back
That is lovely.It's so lovely to read such an expressive piece from a bloke. I'm sure 'she' would be extatic to know these feelings.Just brill, would like to hear more!
This was good plan and simpal I fill the same way.
Great poem.
even though I am a girl and this is about a girl this is the same way I feel about this boy who I am in love with. and I wish on shooting stars all the time. this is an amazing poem you have great talent keep writing
that is a good poem and i hope that you have better luck
i tink ur poem is sweet cus a guy oso said sumthin like tis 2 me too. i felt so touched and i felt the same way in ur poem too
that just toched me because i feel the same about this girl.

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