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This is a poem I wrote after breaking up with someone I really loved. It shows that even teenage love can hurt when taken away.

A Love Once Lived

Upon the dusk of love
Beyond the pinnacle of happiness
There is a love once lived

The songbirds once sang a melody
The sky bathed in seemingly endless light
There are but visions of the past
Dreams of a love once lived

Love was endless it was thought
Never ending, full and true
Now it's enveloped in endless rue
Never to be felt again

The sky is now dark, grey clouds looming
No dreams of love again blooming
Life not lonely and desolate
Now just memories of a love once lived
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11 Visitor Comments

this is one of the most moving poems ive read. im not sure if it was just the mood i was in but this one just made me cry. it touched me that much
its so pretty! i love reading all kinds of poetry and this one is real good! u should keep it up and remember that love doesnt only come once. ull find it again. promise. lol
Hi. I thought your poem was great. It gave me the chills. I really like it.
This is such a cool and moving poem
that is so true thanx for writing down so it can be expressed in words
awesome poem
I cannot express in words how much I liked your poem. You have a great talent for writing, never let go of that!
this is really good, one of the best poems, it touches you and lingers on.
Ok, this is a awesome poem and i respect any male who can show his femimine side in a poem great job and good luck in further poems
nick, i thought your poem was beautiful it explained just how i teen love and pain really is.

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