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Posted on December 31, 1998 by Ron

December 31, 1998: Happy New Year! If you haven't noticed yet, we've had something of a face lift over the Holidays. While you were shopping and drinking eggnog, I was slaving over the keyboard (okay, and drinking a bit of eggnog, too). Some of the changes are cosmetic, like slightly changing our colors and formatting the screens so our 640×480 visitors can see everything. (And, those changes, not incidentally took the longest.) But we've also added four new sections to the web site (including this one), and the excitement level around here is pretty high. I think I now have some very small idea of the pain and pleasure a woman goes through when she gives birth. To quadruplets...

This page, Passionate News, is where we'll be posting the latest gossip. It's also where you'll find our Poem Of The Day and have the opportunity to sign up for our soon-to-be newsletter.

Our Special Requests section is for, uh, special requests. Visitors will find a form where they can ask our resident and visiting poets to write a verse on a specific topic for them. The poets, of course, will find new inspiration.

The Poetry Market is still a bit under construction, but we're going to be posting guidelines and addresses where our poets can send their wonderful works and, maybe, make a couple bucks in the process.

And finally, in our Classical Poems section, you'll find 75 of the greatest poets of all time, with close to one thousand of the best-ever poems ever penned by mortal man (and woman, of course).

New Feature Department We think all of the poems at Passions in Poetry are very special ones. But some, it seems, are more appropriate for mailing to special friends. They just seem to have a Universal message that our Visitors want to share. To make it easier to find those poems, we're now marking them within their individual sections.

Look for the Blue Star blue star to find our most popular poems for sending to a friend. A Red Star red star indicates the poem also has a Greeting Card designed for it. And a Gold Star yellow star points the way to one of our Hundred Most Popular poems.

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