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Our New Facelift (and Domain!)

Posted on January 9, 1999 by Ron

January 9, 1999: The face lift which began over the Christmas holidays has continued in earnest during the first week of the new year. We've moved things around just a bit (Special Requests can now be found on this page, instead of off the main menu) and added still more surprises for you.

Perhaps the biggest new surprise is our Poetry Greeting Cards section. If you do nothing else during your visit today (shame on you), you need to check this one out. There are now 28 million consumer PC's connected to the Internet, a full one-third of all homes in the United States. We think the rest will join us soon just so they can find these unique greeting cards (hey, hyperbole is an established poetic device, right?).

The other really big news is something you won't even see (if we did everything right). Passions in Poetry has grown so large, so quickly, that we now have our own server and our own Internet address. We think will be the happening place in 1999. Don't worry; all your old bookmarks and favorites will still work. And all the menu options at the old site will bring you to the new one. But the old Passions site won't be updated after today, so be sure to flag this page as one of your favorites.

I hope you like all the changes. And, of course, I again want to thank all of my new-found friends that have taken the time to write with both glowing compliments and worthwhile ideas. By all means, keep those ideas coming and I'll keep adding new sections. We're just getting started. Oh, and if you keep the compliments coming, that'll be okay, too.

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