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I cannot imagine how devasted those who lost loved ones in this tragedy must feel, but as an American, I feel we all lost something very dear to all of us on 9-11-01. Now we have the opporunity to gain it back by standing together forever - not just through this tragedy, but for all of time as a free nation.

Hopefully this poem will help us to heal and become stronger - together.

Rebirth Of A Nation

The towers have fallen
All around the world we hear voices calling
For our loved ones lost today
We share our tears with the world as we pray
Why did this have to be
Why did these terrorists take our love ones from you and me
Our lives forever changed, our world will never be the same
With tears streaming down our face, again we call their name
This tragedy has changed us forever
Now we must join forces to become stronger than ever
The loved ones we lost this day were not in vain
Their lives sacrificed to bring us all together again
The time for healing is now
We must help each other and stand together somehow
A stronger nation was reborn today from this tragedy
A nation standing together for all the world to see
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30 Visitor Comments

wow. beautiful.
I thought this poem was really good! I hope to read more by this same person!
this poem is great. i will never forget that day and hope no one does.
I enjoyed this poem and it is very interesting and very deep and i think that was very considerate of you to take time out of your day to think about the people who lost their life in (9/11)
great poem my friend lost her dad in the plaine crash. ricky collins was his name. this poem was very good and it made me cry to know that there are ppl in this world who care just as much as me keep up the good work seriuslly ill never for get this poem im gunna e mail it to my friend who lost her dad thank you very much!
Great poem for our country! Amazingly great symbolizm. I couldn't think of a better way to show what has happened on that one unforgettable day. Great Job!
Very Touching from the heart I enjoyed reading your poem.
this poem shows what the people who lost feels. well writen. I really like it. Good job.
Your poem really touched my heart!Though I'm sitting in Singapore now, i know the pain you're experiencing. Good job!
I just love it ! I live here in Canada and my heart goes out to every single peson in new york city .
That is a very good poem. I can tell you are proud of your nation.
this was a great poem! i had a lot of family and friends who where in the accident. Please continue to write! Your poem really touched me and I'm sure it touched others as well! GOD BLESS THE U. S. !
This poem was truly great,If any thing else was too be said {YOU}said it all!-r-NATION-WILL-STAND-TOGETHER-4EVER!YOU seriously touch me. thank you i NEEDED that!
Great Job I Loved it
Great Poem! This poem is cetainly the best one ever
This poem was GREAT Please PAUL WILSON write some more!
Great poem. I'm sure it will touch other people's life.
I really believe that what happened is wrong, yet it has shed a light on a new born patriotism. However, blood was spilled and what did that solve? Now we must take more blood and kill others. Maybe I do not understand, but why kill others after you have read such a touching poem like Paul Wilson's. Keep on writing Paul.
This has made me cry but no matter what i will fell the same!
i think this is a peom from the heart it is showing the amount of hurt they are feeliing and how they carry on only in a stronger way! it is a very touching poem.
it made me feel like i was gona cry when i read it and i almost did
G R E A T J O B !
i really liked it
This poem is touching and reminds us all to stand together to matter what happens:)
Keep it up for it felt through my heartache of those we lost.Let everyone know how we feel. We are strong and untied as one nation.
This poem touched my heart very deeply and i'm sure it will touch the heart of everyone that reads it. The aurthor has put all our feelings into words and he is right, through all our tragedy and sorrow we will become stronger and stand together. Thank you Paul Wilson for being blessed with the gift of words you have, don't ever stop writting them
Your Poem Made Me Feel Like We Should All Come Together At A Time Like This And Be A Stronger Nation!It Was A Good Poem And Everyone Should Agree!
after reading this poem i felt a tear fall down my cheek. it was so touching to read someone else's thought on this horrible action that took place this week. i fell like everyone should come together and try to be stronger if not for themselves at least for all the others that have lost loved ones or that have been overwhelmed with fear of what will happen next. i wanted to vote for this poem because it made me feel more patriotic and fearless than i have in days after this has happened. thank you Mr. Paul Wilson for your heartfelt words !
Paul, This poem is so beautiful and very compassionate.I love poetry and I also love our Country. This is so sad what has happened to our country.I have my Flag flying here at my house in honor of our Country! My heart goes out to all the people who died and got hurt,not to mention theirfamilies who are grieving,also to all the rescurers who risked their lives trying to rescuse all the people there.

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