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This poem was inspired by a moonlit ride on my beautiful buckskin mare, one warm fall evening. When my heart was crying for some release and I needed to feel free and alive again.

This is dedicated to my beautiful buckskin quarter horse mare, who gives her all, and loves me so faithfully.

To Drink The Wind

Night is falling
Moon gently moving across velvet sky
As it casts shadows and soft light upon us
It's just you and I
The earth rises up to meet us
Wind swirling over us
As we leave dust and leaves in our wake
Pounding across the sleeping earth
Hooves flying
Haunches churning
Mane stinging my eyes
The blood pulses through me like liquid fire
Adrenaline rushing through my veins as we hit top speed
I'd give anything to be you
Though I know I'll never be
So, I resign myself to a two footed fate
As I borrow your speed
And mimic your grace
Leaning forward into your stride
My body one with yours
Moon shining full upon us
The only sounds are you and I, and the crisp autumn leaves
Together as one

You and I

Grace, beauty, and speed

A mere mortal, tormented and despaired

Yet for those brief moments
When we become one
I breathe you
I feel you
I am you

A mighty force of muscle and bone
Unstoppable and free
The wind catches my breath in a gust
Drying my tears in it's wake
Troubles lost in a whirl of hoof, mane, and muscle
Together we drink the wind
My spirit is revived
My soul is renewed
My mind awakened from it's slumber
We are one
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2 Visitor Comments

Reallie beuatiful. HOw i wish i have a horse like your mare to be my best friend
Absolutely beautiful! I can't say anymore than that, it would ruin it.

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