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Poems on Nature and Beauty page 2

Poems on Nature and Beauty (51-76)

  • by Maria Byrne
    For a poet, the setting sun can be a metaphor for many things. But, sometimes, the setting sun is nothing more than a very beautiful experience to enjoy.
  • by Fred Hobbs
    A talented poet can find beauty in the mundane, and irony in even beauty.
  • by Gini Brown
    This lovely poem explores the beauty of our Universe in a delightfully simple way.
  • by Peta Wood
    In the tradition of the Haiku, this lovely but short poem uses beauty and insight to illuminate…
  • by Fox
    Creatures of nature can give us a unique beauty.
  • by Angell
    What is poetry?
  • by Happy979
    This very visual, sense-laden poem describes the beauty of a single woman. And in so doing, it describes beauty itself.
  • by Fox
    How much beauty can you find in this world?
  • by Nancy Ness
    Few of us are fortunate enough to live in a part of the land where there is a history and beauty that all others envy. Fortunately, however, we do have very talented poets who can tell us about it.
  • by Edward Racey
    This poem is about beauty. Not the beauty we see with our eyes, but the beauty we find within our hearts.
  • by Heather Gendall
    The poem proves that different places have different skies. What? You didn't know that?
  • by }X{Angel}X{
    We see Beauty through the miracle of light. And, too, through its absence.

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  • by }X{Angel}X{
    Though out history, mankind has been in love with the horse. Is that because this regal animal, for much of civilization, has represented freedom? Or is it, perhaps, because for a brief moment we can become one with something foreign - and beautiful - to us?
  • by Wolfgang
    This powerfully evocative piece speaks of more than just beauty. It speaks of Life, and Love, and a Peace seldom found - and therein lies it's Beauty.
  • by Beth Hammontree
    The poet suggested placing this work in the Poetry Buffet, but I disagreed. A poem about Poetry, after all, is a poem about Beauty…
  • by Nancy Ness
    Nature often seems to mix Power and Beauty in equal doses. The power of Winter can rule (and rue) our lives, but it takes a poet sometimes to remember the beauty, too.
  • by Angel Adoration
    A tribute to a legend - and a best friend…
  • by Nancy Ness
    Discover a magical, surreal land filled with both beauty and fantasy. And abundant, too, perhaps with happiNess.
  • by Nicholas Theisen
    Beauty is where you find it, but only if you're willing to look. A bit different, this poem will require some thought.
  • by Nancy Ness
    The unparalleled beauty of dawn can light our hearts, as well as our way…
  • by Agnes Nogal
    Many poets write verse after verse on the intricate, delicate beauty of Nature. In a mere ten lines, this poet accomplishes as much…
  • by Michael Anderson
    Can even a gifted poet describe Beauty to one who cannot see?
  • by Rachel Branch
    This is a short poem that I wrote about how I believed, and still do believe, that God helps and loves everything.
  • by Michael Anderson
    The beauty of this mountain I almost find unspeakable. I gave it a shot anyway.
  • by The Unknown Poet
    I was on a friends boat called the Lost Loon and writing this poem just seemed like the thing to do.
  • by Ron Carnell
    I think, sometimes, the tone of a poem can lend contrast to the subject. This poem has a dark, portending tone, but is nonetheless about a very light subject.
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