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Dark morbid and mmm mmm good.

I hope you enjoy my work .. because I do so love
to write it. Although depressing, morbid, and dark. it makes me feel better to let the pain out

The Morning After

The morning after
our last date,
as I awoke, my bones did ache.
I stood by the mirror
to examine my body,
and what I saw was not very funny.

I examine the bruises, the gashes, the pain;
I wonder when it will happen again.
I look at the room,
all trashed and destroyed;
I want to leave you
but I can't find the strength.

I know I'm weak ..
I know I'm feeble,
but deep down inside me
I still love you.

But now I'm leaving..
Now I'm gone,
and if I ever want to turn back
I'll just remember...

...the morning after.
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14 Visitor Comments

WONDERFUL! Brought back horrible memories, not only of my childhood and my mom and my siblings and I being beaten, both physically and mentally; but also of a love affair of many years ago that was not physically abusive but emotionally abusive! I have a hard time recalling both, as the physical pain does die, but the emotional pain lives on for a live time! I pray this poetress has moved on with her life and has found a safe harbor at last!
Wow such a good poem as a guy i would never do that to any other being
Pretty in Black
Hello! This is a beautifully writiten poem; I really enjoyed it
This poem is great. As dark as it is, it's a great inspiration to those in an absuive relationship. I was in one and it took me a long time to realize that although I cared about this guy, my love was not going to make him stop. Congrats to all that have the strength to walk away from abuse.
The rare joy of knowing the poet!
Even though it was a dark poem, it is great great great great… and touching
This is the real. Abuse is not something thats minor and i admire the guts and i look forward to sharing it with a close friend in the same situation. Hopefully this poem will make some sun shine through
I don't think it's that morbid. I hope it gives inspiration to women to leave abusive relationships!
i thought it was a very realistic poem. it tells the truth and thank you lilly for writing it.
I know all too well the things you spoke in this poem. I have been there looking at the bruises and the room torn apart, and also the love that still remains. I also finally found the strength to leave.This is a great piece.
very visual...I could see a frail figure in the shadows of a darkened room. Watching...waiting... The only thing in my mind was to shout out...RUN!
WOW!!! I had to check out your home page after reading! It brought back many much that I searched for an old poem of mine and am thinking about submiting it. Of all the sick and demented (morbid crap) I've been through though, it has made me stronger, independent, and a better person than "they" could ever hope to be!! Stay strong, take care.
I was touched.
This is a dark poem indeed, it took me back to my childhood, when unfortunately, my dad used to beat my mum, it captures the pain.

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