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Written on February the 2nd, 1988, it was projected as a Study upon the psyche of a Person obsessed with Power, who disguised his True-Self in order to get to his not-always-legal purposes. This one has always had an acceptance on publishers... I really don't know why. And it is one of my most elaborated teen-era Poems.


It is said that you're
losing disguises I've never seen
but, should any man cry enough
just to make-believe he's as keen
in lies as a never-had love?

You're actually
sucking from a mirror all those images
only to pretend that there cannot be
anything but those sultry pages
the ones that say that
you're the One supposed to be... Ah?

So you say...
"I have no faith in those crowds"
when they're the ones that've
put you on the clouds,
you'd rather face the facts...
and see...
Realize you've never known
what it takes to be free.

You're a disguise in disguise
can't break free, can't realize!!
What a death in Life!!
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