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This poem evolved from a trip to the trash can. That's right! I went through several emotions and feelings as I had been cooped up in the house for a few days with 2 sick kids. This poem describes the elation I felt just to be outside and to experience the sun's kindness. It also describes the fight against greed. The feeling of wanting everything the sun had to offer but being satisfied with what I was giving.

After all, isn't admitting our own faults one of the hardest things in life?

A Fleeting Moment

A sunny day greets my eyes as if to dive into them.
Swimming through vessels and grabbing onto anything
in it's path to maintain it's brilliance.
Pulling, groping at the muscles of my mouth.
Stalwart fingers trying desperately to impose
a frown upon my face as it struggles for survival.
With slingshot force the sun is thrust back to my eyes
as my smile begins to unfold. Flying through brown
brindled circles to behold the earth once more.
It's warmth still eminently hovering around my
cranium in a seducing state of peace.
I stop. Breathing Deeply. Openly inviting it's rays
to reenter and consume the rest of my being.
I sneeze. Flushing away the greed that attempts to
ride upon it's back.
I am content with my fleeting moment of reverence.
Freeing its prominence to remain on high to
entertain the sky and the visionaries who rely on
it for inspiration.
I go on about my way.. depositing the trash into
it's receptacle with a smile lasting as long as
the stench.
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this poem was ingenuis in the fact that it took a common everyday event like trash removal, and it turned it into a literary event. What a neat contradiction and a refreshing way to approach the topic.

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