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Of all of the angels surrounding us, it's the little cherubs that capture the heart. Don't we enjoy them as we see them romp through the stars.

Watching little ones play always brings joy to the heart.

Heaven's Playground

Sitting alone on a crescent moon,
Dipping her toes in the stars,
This tiny little angel,
Nibbling on chocolate bars.
Perched on the edge with her fishing pole,
What can she catch in the sky?
Perhaps a little cherub,
Who's just learning how to fly.
From a star another is swinging,
His wings brushing to and fro,
Wiggling his feathers and pumping his legs,
This swing just goes too slow!
What is that over there?
On the tail of a comet they ride,
It's two more little angels,
Playing on heaven's slide.
The sweet sound of children laughing,
So happy, yet not very loud,
A group of tiny cherubs,
Tumbling about on a fluffy white cloud.
Feathers floating everywhere,
Tiny halos askew on their heads,
Full of vim and vigor,
With nary a thought of their beds.
These precious protectors of the night
Have caught me quite off guard,
As they frolic through the heavens
Safely in God's backyard.
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25 Visitor Comments

This is such an awesome poem - we were taking poems into scholl for english class, and i took in this poem - it is so beautiful and describes heaven really well! I love it!
I like this poem as i read it i can imagine lil cherubs floating and frolicking in the air. this poem is a very nice poem i give it a A+++++ all the way. My hat is tipped to the poet.
yayayayyayay yayyayayayayayayyayay
I enjoyed it.
this is a beautiful, beautiful poem so different so exspressional, so beautiful. I love it. 4-stars!
nice i really like ti its very sweet! i hope people read this. And im glad they have christains poems because not alot of people show there christanity like i do. W. W. j. D
this poem is beautiful. it brought tears to my eyes. i cant wait to be in Gods playground with all his children. this poem will touch many. thank you for giving me the joy of reading it.
This poem touch my heart Heavens Playground because I am a Catholic and I want the earth to be safe for all children. An I want it to be a Heaven play ground. Instead of this violents on earth.
Your poem is wonderful
This was a very lovely poem and I enjoyed reading it very much!
i love this poem because its christianity
this is one of the best poems i have ever read before .
This was so nice. I lost a 3 1/2 year old son in March 1999 and this made me think of him playing in heaven. Thank you for writing it.
this poem really touched me because I lost my precious son in 1998 and a few weeks after he passed away I saw a vision of him in Heaven and despite what some people believe children who are taken away as children remain children in Heaven and yes they do play because I saw it myself.
What a truly inspiring poem. May God our Father above bless all who read these beautiful words
i love it
It is such a beautiful poem, describing the angels as children. I truly believe that children are our angels on earth. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts!
The Poem really touched me.
its a real nice poem. reminds me of my husbands grandma who just left us to go to heaven. we miss her very much and we know she is an angel now.
This one to me is like The Footprints In The Sand, and i love that as much i love this . Keep them coming.
This poem is really good! You should write alot more poems like that. it really touched my heart.
I really liked your poem it is one of the best i have read! i like to see what u have done with your mind and made a poem on little angels (kids) instead of it always being about adults! it is a real good poem!
I think the poem was beautiful
This is a great! poem it jus makes me feel so soft i mean u made me wonder and i really think u shld keep writing! God bless!
i love this poem it reminds of my own little angel in heaven it is just as hope it would be for georgieanna in Gods lovely home thank you

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