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This poem was written to a dear friend for Christmas to say thank-you to her for supporting through a difficult year. It's about how special the gift of our friendship is.


The Gift

The gift of friendship is a very special thing
As we never know what will happen when we untie the strings,
As together we begin to grow,
Go slowly and gently reveals the heart He already knows.

The gift of Friendship is a special gift given by the Lord above,
And allow to take its course, it can develop the beauty of a drove,
It's not a gift to be judge by the beauty of one's face,
But the beauty of the heart and how it reveals god's grace.

For friendship is more than two people who find things to share,
It's a gift given by God to show how much He cares,
For within the heart of each Christian Friend God gives us,
The qualities of God which are loving, caring and just.

Friendship is a gift given by God, to bring comfort on the road we walk
As together we travel through the strains of life, as we begin to talk,
Friendship is the gift through which God help us carry the load,
As together through the trails of life, by the grace of God we grow.

So its often when I pray for you, that I thank the Lord for you,
And all the times you've been there to help me struggle through,
I also pray that there be many more blessings to share together,
As we continue to travel along the same road together.
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6 Visitor Comments

I have moved to a new state a few years ago, and have recently made a new friend. This poem will help me say what is in my heart to them.
Quite simply a moving and wonderful poem
This poem was very touching to me because it describred how my friendship is! I thank you very much for sharing it online!
very moving
Beautiful poem, wonderful talent. Keep up the good work!
This is a very wonderful poem, and I thank you for sharing it.

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