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Christian Poems (51-74)

  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Greater love hath no Man than this…
  • by Suzette
    Humans make mistakes. And we are all human…
  • by Je ' Free
    This beautiful poem speaks of Evil. And, of the answer to the evil.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    The Bible describes many miracles of God. And they're still happening today.
  • by One For Him
    The beautiful poem explores a very real truth about our relationship with God.
  • by Lisa Jordan
    Those with faith want to share what they've found with their special friends. The want everyone to feel the Love of God.
  • by Vicki Lee Bradley
    When life becomes so hard we no longer feel up to the task, we can find strength and confidence in our faith.
  • by Trudy Starling
    Do you understand the priorities in your life?
  • by Dan McDonald
    A talented poet gives us a new look at a marvelous story thousands of years old.
  • by Judy Burnette
    When a marriage is in trouble, and love is hard to find, maybe the answer is to let God supply the Love.
  • by Kit McCallum
    When Life gets tough (and when is it not?), all you really need is a helping hand.
  • by Debbie Chilton
    God gives us many gifts, and few are more precious than this one.

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  • by Michael Howland
    Finding God for the first time is a unique experience, and one that many experience in unique ways.
  • by Sandra Tolson
    When you speak to God in prayer, what should you say?
  • by Alissa Beal
    This poem explores the meaning of God's gift of True Love in our lives.
  • by Judith Stafford
    Battles aren't always fought in desserts and jungles, with guns and missiles. Sometimes, the greatest battles are fought within…
  • by Chris Jourdan
    If love between man and woman is a gift, can there really be any question who has bestowed it?
  • by Sam
    This poem is an interweave of profound questions, playing with words, and a heart-felt faith.
  • by Rebelman
    This poem asks a question we would all do well to ponder. Do you know the answer?
  • by Rachel Branch
    The beauty of our world is a gift. One meant to be shared…
  • by Faye Jones
    For those of faith, unendurable pain can be endured, if not always understood. Because there is always One who shares our burdens.
  • by Shawn Pearson
    We all carry burdens in life. But none have ever carried a heavier burden than our Lord, Jesus…
  • by Shawn Pearson
    This poem almost made it into the Friendship section, because that's what it's about. Except it's about a great deal more than that…
  • by Shawn Pearson
    The poem is a lyrical challenge - to realize that our instincts, in both Life and Faith, don't always offer the best answer.
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