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Sometimes our journey through this world gets arduous and we need some relief. There is a place inside of each one of us to go for that relief. This poem is about my inner place...

Fields Of Strength

Whenever my journey gets hard to bear
To fields I go to meet You there.

The Holy psalms I shall recount
My horse of courage I shall mount.

My journey through this land gets longer
My hunger for Your home gets stronger.

When hills to climb get only steeper
My love for You gets only deeper.

I shall not stray nor lose my course
With rein in hand, I'll guide my horse
To fields of good and plenty be
These fields, the ones You promised me
Are void of enemies and grief.
These fields supply me with relief.

I mount my horse, I'm on my way
And in Your fields, My Lord, I'll stay.
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15 Visitor Comments

Your poem is beautiful. I was just looking through all the poems and found yours. I am so glad I read it. It really made my day.
It tells the solitude and sanctuary there can be as long as you know the end result is already inbedded in our strength
I was looking for something to send to my father and this was a winner! It was so moving for me but I think my dad will enjoy it too! I will be looking for more spiritual/inspirational poems. My sister and I used to attempt to write in our younger years. She wrote poetry and I have two short stories I "play" with over the years now and again. But who knows what God has planned. Life keeps us busy! Your poem was wonderful! Thanks!
I love this poem about strength! Only God can answer our every need, and we should always turn to Him for strength, because His strength is the only kind that lasts.
This is beautifully inspiring and well written!
uhmmm this is a great poem i wish i could write like this God bless you for the inspiration
I loved this poem and I even said it in class. It was a perfect poem for strength! 9 out of 10
This is beautiful poem with great meaning. The images and metaphor are strong. Please give your e-mail address so that this poem can stay!
Very powerful and inspiring. Thank you for the reminder.
I loved your poam and it touched my heart. I have found out I have cancer and I was moved my the word. God and I have got along good together over the years and I can bare this thing I have, he gave me a lot of true friends and 5 great kids so I have a lot of support and a lot to be thankfull for. Great poam thank you for writing it
Fabulous! Oh for such easy strength!
It really moved me!
This is so beautiful. I think you are really talented.
Wonderfully uplifting and beautiful.
I very much like your poem because it express a nice thought in a nice way and it rhymes. To me rhyming is important which we seem to be getting further and further away from. There should be another catagory for well written thoughts that are short and thoughtfully expressive.

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