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Friends are a wonderful gift in this life, and when you find someone that shares the same passions it's truly a gift from God - two souls that share a common desire. I have never seen my piano mans face, nor heard his voice, but the desires we share are the same. This friendship was made through the Internet .


My soul is the piano, his words are the keys.
Together we compose, the best of symphonies.

How my soul replays his words of the day.
Like a composer writing a play.

I hear the music, as he strikes a key.
an orchestra, is what I see.

Two soul that share a common ground.
a friendship they have found.

What is a piano, without the player.
It's like a soul, without a desire.

It sits alone in the dark,
waiting for someone to light a spark.

A hope or a desire,
waiting for someone to inspire.

To play a song of the heart,
a song of two souls that will never depart.
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26 Visitor Comments

Realllly good.
really excellent poem,i touched my heart
this made me cry it reminded me of well me i love it thanxs you are an insperation to us all
thank you for words and emmotions that fit me and another to a "T"
love this poem
i love this poem good job
Lynn you have obviously been lucky enough to find a true friend. only these words could come from the heart.
That was a really good poem. I really enjoyed and I love the piano!
this poem is the core of who everyone is and I like it very much
the best PIANO
it has moved me.
I Love it! It's sooooooo great!
very nice, well written.
I really liked it. A piano is a beautiful way to express yourself.
one of the best poems that i have ever read.
I like this poem.
Words like the sound of beautiful notes
I love it!
Beautifully composed, exactly what I was lokking for to express my feeling to a friend.
This is one of the most beautiful poems I have read in a long time.
I liked it,it expresses the feeling i once had very nicely.
A special way to express what feelings can do.
Hi Lynn, Just wanted to say that your poem was will written and I enjoyed reading it, I loved it. I know that my on-line friend will too. I rate your poem 100%
Just loved it, Exspresses my true feelings to a friend

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