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My love and I met in a chat room, and we shared the usual information, age, sex, location. We found we had location in common. He was born in Kentucky, and I now live in Kentucky. He touched my heart, when he talked of missing the early morning mists in the hills and mountains. I share those feelings with him, because I too feel there is something magical in the mists. Because of those wonderful, magical mists, our souls have become one.

Mists In The Mountains

Early dawn, the mists are,
swirling, twirling, damp and gray.
Surrounding me
taking me into its arms.
Calling, beckoning, whispering softly
it calls to me
draws me near.
Telling me I have nothing to
I follow, listening, feeling.

Early dawn, the mists are,
swirling, twirling, damp and gray
calling me.
I feel a presence with me.
Reaching out my hand, touching,
warmth and comfort fill my
And I know with out seeing
I have felt love.
Through the mists you
reached for me,
and guided my steps to thee.
Love filled our hearts,
and our souls became one.

Early dawn, the mists are,
swirling, twirling, damp and gray
surrounding us.
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My mother died in 2001 of a heart attack in Bowling Green Kentucky. She'd lived in various parts of Kentucky for 5 years and she loved it there. Sometimes I come back to this poem because it's all I have left of her now besides the picture that my brother keeps with him. I don't really have that. I'm so glad that you all like her poem. I'm sure, if she were alive, she'd say so herself.
this was a sexey and sweet poem from dana
Sitting here this morning, enjoying the mists of the (yet unlogged) fitting to come across your wonderful poem. I stopped at the site to find something special to send to my Muse: one who is only a few keystrokes away, but too many miles and circumstances apart to allow for meeting in the corporeal sense... So many facets to this jewel called love. Grand, isn't it? :)
Very touching

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