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I wrote this poem while grieving over my grandfathers death. I didn't know how to cope because I have never had anything like this happen to me before. I found that by expressing my words in writing that it had a magical affect on my life.

I Miss You

I miss you, PawPaw, very much,
You gave my life a special touch;
You did get angry and you did get mad,
But when you were gone I was nothing but sad;
Now that you've left I feel there's nothing more,
A piece of my heart, I felt was torn;
I went to see you I really did try,
But I knew it would be our last good-bye;
I saw your Angel she opened my eyes,
Even since then, I'm not afraid to cry;
I carry your Angel here by my side,
It is in her, that I can confide;
I know one day we'll be together,
I will long for that day forever and ever.
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hello! my name is kate and i no what you are going through. this past november i lost my father to cancer and soon after that in febuary i lost my niece after she too fell very ill. i hope that you find it in your heart to somehow try to understand why he had to leave you so soon. i am trying my very best to understand why my whole world is falling apart all around me. i wish you the very best. your friend, kate
i like the way you write. thank you
i am crying so hard but no one can see it only he can or could he was very special i miss him so this poem brings back the memories i faght but i could not win this time i feel better thank u so much
i really miss him so much!i really miss my boyfriend!
That poem was so sweet! My Poppy passed away a few years ago and this poem is helping me cope with his death better. My friend told me (when I got mad at her) that I should move on. Not let go but move on. I think I should do that too. I just don't know if I can do that. But I will try.
I lost my Granda yesterday and I am hoping that your poem will help me too.
My mom died when i was 15 i had my first child at 18 he was born on her wedding day. and when i hold him i always feel her near
the day my grandpaw died april 11,06 was the worst day of my life he shot himself in the head i have allways been raised around my grandpaw an love him with no end,i was the 3rd person at the house after this happen had to see him brought out of the house an i knew i wanted to read something at the funeral an i found this poem an read it,everone at the funeral wanted a copy it fit so perfect if ever there was a perfect moment it was when i stood an read this to everone an i was strong for i am the oldest granddaughter of about 35 grandchildren an they all look up to me an i could feel the calm come over me when i stood to read it, it was like my grandpaw was right there with me telling me now rhonda be strong an make me proud. i will allways miss my grandpaw everyday. an i read this poem at least once a day. thanks rhonda walls
i like 2 say thank u when my grandad died i didnt no hw to handle the pain or wat to write when i was writin sumfink for is funeral an this really help an even though i dont fink i am a poet i was proud of this so once again thks
This is a wonderfull poem. i would know cause i write poems to. But this was realy good it made me cry cause i lost my grandfather(dads father)in 2003 and i was the last one to know in my whole family. I miss him alot he died of cancer i was only 13. and every once in a while wen im alone i think about him and the times i had with him and i start to cry. Thanx 4 shareing this poem to ppl it was very good!
i really like your poem your saying what you really feel inside you. nice work
I liked your poem alot cause my Grandfather passed away and i feel so bad. I hope you will fell alot better soon.
because i had someone very valuable in my heart and his name is eddie and he was my favorite wrestler and hes coming in the hall of fame on April 1,2006 im gonna miss eddie eddie eddie eddie eddie eddie.
This poem ment a lot to me because my grandad passed away on monday so i understand where it is coming from
mae mae
my grandmother died exactly one year ago and even though this poem is about grandmothers, it reminds me exactly about mine. I really love this poem and i wrot it down and hung it on my wall so i could always remember her fron reading this poem
this is so nice. i'm goin through a sad situation so i can relate to this poem. our middle school just lost a boy in a car crash. he was in 8th grade. i think i'm going to read this poem tomorrow at his memorial service. it has really touched me and i'm voting for it because of this. thank you
I just lost my PAP on the 5th of Feb. 2006. The hardest thing I had to endure this year. I miss him already. Just wanted to know this poem really hit home at this time of my life.
Thank you I was looking for a poem for a friend of mine, and found this one, without even knowing that I needed a little comfort myself. Thank you
your poem has such a lovely touch to it i lost my grandad on monday 29th August 2005 only not long ago and i was so upset because i found him dead and now your poem has made people like me realise that i will see him again one day :( mayb not soon but 1 day :'(
Hi i lost my grandad today and i have ben approached to read a poem aloud at the funeral and i feel that this is the best poem that I can read as we were both real close and i loved him so much! I'm just sad I didnt spend more time with him but I had to go to work and I would've have ben there with him longer had it not been for work! Beth xxx
Dee Dee
This poem touched me because it reminded me that my grandfather will always be with me and I will soon be with him.
i liked this poem because i lost my grandpa when i was young and i still miss him. He was always there for me and i was there for him.
nice poem. it deserves more.
this poem was amazing
This poem really did touch me because my grandpa died my freshman year and i am a junior now and i had never had someone i loved so much die Thanks for touching my heart and the lives of others.
i thought this poem was very nice, i hve lost alot of people 3 of them being my grandparents in just a 6 month period and it has been hard because my great grandmother and i were very close thank you for this poem it helped. panda
I loved this poem. It made me think a lot about my Grandpa who died this Thanksgiving.
this poem is perfect for me. it says everything i felt when my poppy died. i miss my grandad
I really thought that your peom was really inspirational. I am a senior in high school and my grandfather died of Alzymiers in 0ctober 30th 2004. Poems like yours helps me to relized that I will see him again. Thank you so much
i lost my grandfather on april 19 2004 it was the hardest thing i went through cuz he was not only a poppop to me but a father also he raised me all my life and to read your poem just said exactly how i felt and what i was going threw there is not a day that does not go by that i'am not crying or thinking of him i miss him so much and i know that the angels have him now. i want to say thank you for writting such a beutiful poem i will put this with my memory box of my popop that i have made.
hi melissa i would just like say that i loved your poem. my grandad died last night when i read your poem it touched me i havent really cried yet but when i read this i did. i hope you dont mind but i would like to read mthis at my grandads funeral. so i would like to say thank you and take care shanna
this poem really has touched me. i lost my grandfathers 2 weeks apart about 4 months ago and nothing has been the same, being that i am only 15 this has become a big struggle for me. thanks for making me understand that i can survive this.
This poem made me think about not being able to see my gandpa before he died because i wasn't born yet but i still think of him all the time & enjoy hearing storys about him. i really enjoyed hearing this poem. i really liked it a lot.
i love this poem ever and ever.
i loved this poem very much and when i read it, it makes me want to cry!
Thank You. My paw paw died Dec 23 2003. Christmas was his favorite time of the year and I've been real depressed. Buried him christmas eve. Out of all the poems I relate to this one best, did my heart good to read it. again. thank u Im sorry for ur loss as well
I really liked yur poem. I was just looking up poems on death to get an idea of how to wrie a poem and express my feeling towards my grandfather who died on saturday september 27, 2003 and i came across yours. Also it's the first time that someone so close to my family died it is very hard to coup with this. my condolence goes out to you and your family.
Dee Dee
Even though this poem was written by you for your grandfather, it is exactly how I have felt since last Sept. 19th when I lost my Father to cancer. I looked to the computer for poetry that I could use for the remembrance I am to have printed in our local newspaper on the anniversary of his death. When I read this poem I knew it was the one. I am not good at expressing my feelings through words, but you did a wonderful job explaining mine and my Father's relationship. I am deeply touched by your work! Thank you so much for your help!
I really enjoy it. It makes me cry, I lost my grandma last year and then grandpa this year and it really breaks my heart to know that they are gone. I really miss them a lot.
my grandfather passed yesterday, thank you for the beautifull poem, i was with him through the whole thing up until his angel took his hand and flew up to heaven. godbless you
i really loved this poem. i lost my paw-paw June13,2001 just a couple of years ago . that was the hardest thing that i have ever had to go through. i've lost many other people in my life but no body compared to my paw-paw . i know exactly how you feel . and i was only 16, and i just graduated and that was hard enough to not see him face to face there. and i'm his first g-child. but thank you for this poem its very good and made me feel better. God bless ! and no matter what just remember that he is still here with you even though you cant see him and dont be afraid to talk to him . hang in there !
Melisa I understand how you feel when loosing your grandad. I lost my grandad juts three days before the war broke out in my country and we didn't have time to grieve which always hurt me. I dream him very often and it is very hard but by the time you will get over the pain. I like your poem very much.
Melissa Iknow how you feel my gandfather deid about a year ago . I realy didn't Knowhim but when he did it felt like i had lost a part of me.
thank you,i lost my grandad on 7th dec 2001,5months ago. i still miss him so much i hurt,sometimes it hurts so bad i think i will die. but life gose on and if one thing the last few months have taught me is im afriad to die but not because of what i may feel but i cant bare the people i levave behind to feel the way i do now and not be able to help i know if my nan and grandad where here now they would put there arms around me and tell me it will be ok but without them it wont your poem was beautifull
my boyfriend breoke up with me after a year and a half dont know why.he is always on my mind he wrote a letter gave it to my brother to give to me.i saw him yesterday the feelingsd and memories are always on my mind.the only reason why i can think of is a long distance relationship dont always turn out.
Melissa, I think your poem is really beautiful. We laid my Pawpaw to rest 2 weeks ago today. Like you I have never had anything like this happen to me before. Thank you, your poem made me feel a whole lot better!
It has now been 6 years since the death of my PawPaw, i have learned to cope but even though its been so long, there are times that i can't hold back the tears. thank you all for taking time to read this and i am glad it has some meaning to you too. Love always, Melissa (the author).
this is an awesome poem.i lost my grandfather about 5 months ago, and it has been total hell for me. this poem made me cry when i read it, but it helps me cope with this sad reality that i have to go through
this is a beautiful poem. you should write more and post them. ever think about publishing?
No comments i'm breathless from her writing.

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