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It is a poem describing the way I feel about Losing my sister in a car accident on October 24, 1998. I was with her and she did not survive but thank God, with her faith and belief I survived but I'm still going through tough struggles. I was also thinking of the boy that I love very much. He had to move to Arizona after 7th grade and we are still best friends and more. We love each other so much even though you may think that I'm still young. I'm 15 years old. I've known this boy for almost 3 years. I love them both dearly and they both had to leave me!

For My dear sister, Jennifer, and the boy that I'll always love, Darren.

Why Did We Have To Part?

Where do I begin?
All the lights are dim.
Should I tell you from the start,
or in the middle
where we part?
I'm not the kinda of person
who likes to play games.
Just give me one good reason,
Then I'll know who's to blame.

Why did you have to leave?
I never wanted you to go,
but you had no choice.
I just couldn't see you go.
So now,
What am I supposed to do?
When all I want
Is just to be with you.

When will we meet again?
Someday, someway
Maybe up there?
There's got to be a way.
They just aren't enough
to make life fair.
My life has been so rough
that I don't even care.

Tell me,
What do I do now?
Just let the wind take me
where ever it goes?
Tell me now,
I need to know.
I just want to be free.
Like a little butterfly.
Having an open mind,
one that can truly see.

An ocean of tears
lies deep down inside my heart.
Afraid of letting go,
I never wanted to depart.
Why did we have to part?
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15 Visitor Comments

This is a lovely poem, i have just lost my sister on the 28th of janury 2007 in a fatal car accident, i was lucky to survive myself, it relates to me alot, i dont wanna go on about what happened so ill say it was a really nice poem!
I really enjoyed your poem even though it is supposed to be about a death i relate to it because of loved ones who have moved far away. i think it applies to them as well, no matter how anyone says we'll stay in touch don't beleive them you will in the end drift apart whether it's a boyfriend, or a father
I was really impressed with this poem. Specialy when I read that you are only 15. Because the emotion and depth of the poem is amazing. I would love to read more of your poems.
I would like to say ur poem has really touched me. My fiancee was brutally murdered on july 15/2004 and ur poem has somewhat comforted me. R. I. P Michael 01/03/85-07/15/04
Wonderful words you have written. My son got killed Jan. 2004. only 6mnths. peoms like this one helps me understand alil. R. I. P. mybabyboy
I know how it feels to loose someone you really love i have lost three cousins who were dear to me. this poem really touched me and inspired me to become a poet.
i just lost a friend today i just found out about it. i was with her last night for the last time ever and this poem i cant say it didnt help me but i cant say it did b/c it is so fresh on my mind about my friend but i know it has touched me in a way i wont forget so thank you
Ive just read your poem. It was beautiful. I can't believe after all this time and the family members I have lost, I am still shedding tears. Thankyou for your words, you can not believe how much they have just helped me x
This poem explained all the pain of emotions I have felt for two years after loosing someone vey dear to me. It is truly remarkable how this writer put it into words so deeply felt!
I read your poem an hour after hearing my boyfriends grandmaother died. I could not help but to cry. I feel so helpless, but I think yuor poem helped.
I like this poem very much. I just recently lost my brother, and he was very young. This poem is exactly how I feel about my brother and It has touched my heart very much.
Your poem is very touching, I have a sister and could not imagine life without her.. After reading your poem I can see another light. Thanks
I really like your poem. It reminds me of my fiance. He past away two weeks ago. We would have been married in August. He died of a heart attack- he was only 20. I miss him deeply, and I don't think the pain will ever go away. He promised he would never leave me, and I dont know why we parted. But I know hes watching me and one day we can be together again.
your poem was very sweet

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